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  2. i might be up launy on the 4th, but in my rx7 (nicer ride and stereo lol) so i mmight come out for a look at the cars if I'm up, doubt i'll have the ke10
  3. yep whats the deal... happening or...? my ke10 wants a drive!! :(
  4. I'm more than happy to meet up in the middle but thats just whether or not theres enough interest from both ends, hence why I'm just going to sit back and if plans can work with what I'm able to do then make my appearence there a near certainty
  5. hmm i wouldnt know enough people with rollas enoguh to be enough if you know what i mean, i know one or two people with old corollas but nothing really, I'm into the rotary scene down here not rollas Lol, but a rolla cruise would be awesome tho so i'll just sit back and let plans unfold and if it works for me then consider me there
  6. is this thing still going ahead? i would love to go on a cruise with the ke10, as i just got it togetehr again
  7. january should be good, as my 5k decided to shit itself and i prob wont have time to fix it before xmas
  8. spotted today white ke15 headind from bowen bridge way to the risdon vale roundabout, is that anyone from here? looked good
  9. i'll be there hopefully, I'm ready when you's are :)
  10. i HATE bitchgy neighbours, so i feel no remorse for the tard who lost his view, the guy who owns the house with the evnts tho, what a man
  11. you'd have to organise something weeks in advance .. I'm actually wondering how much interest people actually have in this, before people were complaining that nothing happened down in Hobart, and now we're giving the perfect opportunity and get a pretty poor response from people ... anyway id pretty much be able to make any date as I'm not overly busy atm
  12. mate got his P's, who's up for a cruise then, wont just have to be rolla's ....... any interested?
  13. i have a few with corolla's but most of em are on here anyway :y: i havent cruised with my rolla yet only my rx7 so I'm looking forward to giving the rolla a run with a few others
  14. depends what the buyer would be willing to pay, overrated 4 door in aus (I'm presuming the engine is stock?) there would probably be someone out there that'd give you $6000 if thats what they were after, bare minimum worth would be $4000 for it, but you should definately get more for it, if you were to sell it
  15. boot badge is ke11, vents behind rear side windows are ke11, fat side indicators are ke11, grille is ke11... front indicators are ke11..... Lol anyway dude has the ke10 (ke11) been imported or something? cos it still has the mirrors on the bonnet...? as for a price if anyone offered you any less than $4000 you'd hit them in the face, as for how high you could get it it varies
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