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Criuse Control How To Fit

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not sure what the factory system looks like or how it works, if you have a mechanical throttle body then an aftermarket system isn't a huge hassle to fit, and is a minor hassle to fit neatly and happily.... I'm not the biggest fan of aftermarket bits though and I can't for the life of me remember exactly what a zre152r looked like under the bonnet.... did have one at work the other day.



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I own a 2009 corolla zzre152 hatch

i have fitted a genuine cruise control to my corolla and it wasnt too hard...


i don't know if urs is the same model or not but if it is the same as mine u will have two outcomes..


1 is that u will already have the right part in there and u just pop the stearing whell off and fit it in and it becomes another toggle next to ur sterring wheel... u don't need to do anything other then that...


2 if u are unfortunate your corolla may not have the rigth part and u have to buy the sterring mechanism thingo .. lol i forget what they call them...


but simply u don't really have to do anything other then remove ur steering wheel. other then of course disconnecting your battery to ensure u don't get hit in that face with an airbag. :D

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In a way i can understand that the older model Corolla's are beautiful in there way but I have now owned my 2009 model for about 2 years and i am loving it and i tihnk u just learn to fall in love with what u drive and the new Corollas still have alot going for them just that the older ones have been here for alot longer for people too love... I think one day the new Corollas will have there little window of opportunity into the hot market... Not too mention i got my inspiration off seeing an 08 model beeing driven around and it looked sick as ... so yeah you definetly just gottta chooce a car that u love and the more work u do to it the more it becomes your car.

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