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Camping Trip


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Camping Trip.


Destination: Rainbow Beach (Woops i had bay....)


Dates: Friday 1st May – Sunday when ever


Accommodation: Rainbow Waters Holiday Park

Tent sight (powered or not powered)


Food etc: I think everyone is big enough and ugly enough to sort out what they want to do for their tea, drinks, booze etc etc.


Meet point: I think it’s best to have 2 meet points to try and keep the cruise up in one direction so we don’t have to back track and waist time.


Meet point 1. For those of you who will be coming of the gateway, there is a servo just after airport drive it has a macca’s, red rooster and other little eateries.

We will meet here at say 3:30-4:00 pm




Meet Point 2. For those of you who will live out north, there is a BP servo/nearly shopping centre and it has a twin brother across the road, I think there’s a KFC and stuff like that there.







Should be at this meet point by 5:00 depending on traffic, when we shall all cruise as one to destination.


I will be contacting the caravan/holiday/tent camping place about 2 weeks before, I would like to contact earlier if possible so I need numbers of how many are coming ASAP to ensure we get a spot to fit us all.


If anyone has any ideas or suggestions or anything that i have missed please let me know!







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