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Sway Bar Or Engine Brace

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Members dont see this ad

engine brace as in one of those little shock exsorber things?


Well I would have to say anything would be a more worthwhile mod than that!

However the swaybar would cost more. But then if your talking cost EFFECTIVE then the shock exsorber has feck all effect whereas swaybar has a huge effect!

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you mean front strut brace, if you want to stop body roll then go sway bar, if you wanna stop chassis twist for better feel around corners go strut brace, both cost around about the same

Strut braces are a little easier to find as a 2nd hand unit and can be found quite cheap! I just picked up one for my KE70 for $100.

If you haven't already, I'd prefer to lower the car first.

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its all good :jamie:


rear swaybar would probably be really really good upgrade....


I've never really had too much of a drama with how zze's handle, although I've never really driven one around for a huge amount of time either.


traction bothered me a lot in the few I've driven.... buy some sticky tyres (not stupidly low profile either) and some nice lightweight rims...


on a side note, nothing is worse than hard mostly worn out rubber, tyre shine, and carrying slightly too much speed around a right angle corner...



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hey guys I'm new to the forumn. but i have done some research on this and have a few bits and pieces for the zze120/130 exc zze123

all are shipping not inclusive.


white line gear.



front - BTF72z(24mm H/duty blade adj $252.00)

rear - BTR77 (22mm H/duty $252.00)



alloy adj - KSB603 ($216.50)



adj bolt kit 15mm - KCA415 ($92.20)



ultra racing.


rear floor room bar - UR-RO2-190 ($206.00)


front lower bar - UR-LA3-153 ($248.00)


rear lower bar - UR-RL2-446 ($203.00)



there are some optional items on these websites but these are all i need for mine. hope this helps people.

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