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Ke15 And Ke17 Sprinter Production Numbers? Australian Sales?

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I’ve gone through the library but can’t find any references to dates of manufacture in the various parts books etc. I believe mine is a Feb 1969 car. I can’t remember why, as it’s been a while.  

But my body number is KE15176xxx (number obscured obviously) so I would assume yours was built after mine making it a 1969 model. 

Is there any particular reason you ask?

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I have a KE17 Toyota Sprinter SL . It is a unique car in that i rcently bought it from the original owner . It had been garaged for over thirty years and started straight away. I have re-registerd it on its original number plates . Everything is complete ...all the badges etc .Upholstery is original and suffered no cracking etc as it was always in the garage.  The original owner was Formula One driver Mel McEwin who was very successful in the period late fifties through to around 1988. He raced many cars over that period including his Land Speed Record attempt on Lake Eyre where he collected the certiificate for the flying mile of 151.96 mph at that time in 1961 . He also raced formula 5000. Elfin open wheelers, A 100mAustin Healey and an XK120 Jaguar as early as 1959 .  This COROLLA KE17  was taken from the showroom floor by McEwin as he was a TOYOTA Dealer at Murray Bridge at the time and raced continuously for eighteen years. It was raced mainly in the Australian Touring Car Championships ,being successful in its class . It also appeared and was successful and the Adelaide International Raceway ,Mallala Raceway,  The Collingrove Hillclimb ,Angaston S.A. and a plethora of interstate tracks and venues. Carefully preserved over the period the car has re-emerged in pristine condition after all those years as good as it was then . Testament to Toyota tough reliability !

use this one.jpg



001 (8).jpg

001 (6).jpg

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That's wonderful!  I suppose its just got twin carbs and a cam, and it looks like just a main hoop roll cage.  Life was so simple in those days!  I hope you take it out to the occasional sprint and give it a good run!

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