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Looking At Buying A Corolla

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i am looking to get another car, been driving a commodore for a few years and i finally killed the beast. i used to drive an 89 camry V6 and it was a nice car!! built to last for sure. so now I'm thinking of coming back to a toyota, reliability is my main concern being a student and what not, and have about 11k to spend. ive been looking at some corollas and in that price bracket i could get a 2005 conquest with 50 000km on the clock or an earlier model (2002 or so) ultima with 100 000km. do you think it would be worth getting the older ultima over the newer conquest? the extra features are all well and good but i think they have completely different engines so are for all intents and purposes, two separate cars.


so let me know what you think... and anything i should be aware of. many thanks.

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If you're looking at those two options, I'd definately choose the 2005 Conquest... All power options, alloys, nicer coloured interior plastics, etc...


Only difference with the Ultima is leather seats and door inserts to my knowledge... Look up redbook for all features...


All engines are the same, 1.8L 1ZZFE...


As stated above, the less kms the better :)

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If you're looking at a ZZE122 corolla for the love of god do not buy a South African made one.


You can tell by the VIN and a few other things. They wear out brakes like no tomorrow. Plus they're just very poorly built.


I think the VIN for the South African made ones starts with an SA but get someone to confirm this.


Look for one with a JT VIN.


Can anyone confirm?


EDIT: Just looked at the date of the last post in this thread. Might be too late.

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Good point about the South African models...


Apart from the Sportivo (they are all made in South Africa), the other models are rubbish... Brake wear, oil leaks, differences in parts, etc...


South African VIN numbers start with AHT


Japanese VIN numbers start with JTE I believe


But always check the build plate in the engine bay or passener front door to check...

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the 1zzfe and the 2zzge can be rebuilt just fine.. it requires the use of a sleeve kit.

these can be had from darton for aorund $600. so its exxy but doable.

we have a 122r ascent cost us 8500 and its the best car. 122k on the odo its been checked over thouroughly by an efi specialist and my local pedders store. and the car is in a1 condition all around.

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