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03 Corrola Tune Up - Want To Make More Power?

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hey guys I'm new to the forum,

I have a 03 corrolla and its my daily.

I want to get abit more power out of it and its due for a service


Just wondering what would be the best, plug,oil filter and any simple tips to make it abit more zippy. i was thinking about making up a cold air intake or running a k&n Pod filter.

Plus I'm after an ash tray for my car as mine got stolen


thanks guys

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mmmm i have an rx3 that i had bought and before i had gave it a service it was putting out 120hp, after the service 150hp and then event was told to run a thiner oil with hotter plugs and got an extra 10 hp out of it. (you would be surprised what a service will do for power)


I know its a different motor but I'm new to tuning a rolla so just after people opinons


thanks anyways

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Yeah this i know. don't want to do anything to extreme as its a daily and gets driven alot.



what I'm after is instead of replacing for example the plugs with the same type maybe theres a different type which will give out abit more power. as its due for a service


but thanks anyways ill keep on searching

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A good service is just about all you can do really. N/A motors are very expensive to get big hp gains from small mods. Or at least even noticable gains.

The only reason new plugs will give you any horsepower at all is because they are faulty to begin with, so that gain in horsepower is just the lost horsepower

from failed plugs. If you want a noticable gain, get a mild camshaft upgrade. If any exist......


A pod filter will increase response on throttle and a bit better breathing, but only if the standard air box is restrictive. Most of the time your best upgrade will be to slide in a new K&N panel filter into the air box. As most new cars have CAI anyway, it just looks wierd that's all.


In all, if it is your daily and you don't want anything extreme, just keep it up on it's servicing and leave it at that. Get a project car.

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greenmac is right, modern motors put out so much power straight from the factory it takes quite a lot of work to better them. My Altezza puts out over 100bhp/litre, which was racing car stuff in the 1980s. A WRC 2.4L Ford works Escort put out 240bhp in the days or Tony Pond and Hannu Mikkola.


..and that's why Twinky is also right, if you want to muck around on cars and improve on the stock item, then you'll need a 30year old project car, just like the rest of us...



If you're stuck on improving the Rolla you have, you could make up/buy a magnehelic and chase intake restrictions as detailed here-








and you could modify the exhaust system or just change the muffler as noted here-



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