Spencers Ke70 Touge Street Fighter

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So after my fail attempt at building a datto 180B only cause parts are harder to find than a 16year old virgin, I decided to buy my self a little rolla.

Before buying did some research and fell inlove with the Ke70 model, watched a couple of vids on the YOUTUBE an seen Grant sliding his and that was that!

Even tho I'm not a big drift nut, I still appreciate it and see it as more an art then anything else and a loooove the styling, I'm personally more into the time attack/ A-B racing tho.

So less chit chat and lets see some pics!


This is when I purchased it for a wooooping $500, probally paid $499.99 to much but I couldnt be bothered!

post-11944-082745000 1294744690_thumb.jpg

post-11944-025057500 1294744708_thumb.jpg

post-11944-056874000 1294744726_thumb.jpg


Body was pretty rough

Grill was made out of chicken wire

Typical rust areas

Had a 2 tone paint that was done with aerosol cans

Had a 100" tacho to add a Extra 400 BHpowaaaaaaaa!


Started cleaning up the back

post-11944-098238200 1294744936_thumb.jpg


Got some new wheels ( I'm quite the wheel Whore )

post-11944-018270100 1294745241_thumb.jpg

R15x7 +22 195/60 ( To big :bash: )

post-11944-010173800 1294745361_thumb.jpg

So flipped them, was just a little to much for me so sold them

post-11944-089966000 1294745266_thumb.jpg

post-11944-084734100 1294745423_thumb.jpg

post-11944-092711300 1294745480_thumb.jpg


Got the motherload of parcels from malaysa

-Rear lights

-Quad lights (Everything)

-New Grill

-Chrome bumpers


After some inspriation from the parts from maylasia carried on trucking along

post-11944-023362100 1294745182_thumb.jpg

Cleaned the rust off the lights, wasnt angry about this rust cause just proves they genuine !

post-11944-022120800 1294745793_thumb.jpg


Got some new wheels

Strato upsilon R14 x 7 +2

Wrapped them in new Pirelli tyres 185/65

Nice Stretch

post-11944-006814800 1294747273_thumb.jpg

post-11944-006483100 1294747384_thumb.jpg


The big hiccup in the conversion was finding straight and clean flat panels,looked hi and low through the wreckers with no luck but my luck changed! this is how I find my gaurds.

Woke up went for my morning piss,watched some news, jumped on Egay was looking for some new wheels cause sold them other 1's

Normally I go wheels then type my postcode in the little box to show them wheels in my city, after finding nothing, I typed in "ke70" into the search tab but was still searching only my postcode (Perth) and BAM! Left and Right Flat front gaurds NOS still in there box's! Got both of them for $150 , after I picked them up started on the front end!

post-11944-068011400 1294747070_thumb.jpg

Bonnet wasn't straight enough for my liking so bought a new 1.

post-11944-023585200 1294747640_thumb.jpg

post-11944-021248400 1294747694_thumb.jpg

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Members dont see this ad

so what are you planning to do to it? Just flat front it and work the k motor or is it gonna cop a 4age/ca/sr/3sge/te????


Looks the goods with the quads mate keep into it you wont look back

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Thanks mate

Well the next thing is the arch's, they are Dead. so going to cut them out

I got some flares that I would like to put on but need to do the suspension.

So been doing my research on a cheap upgrade but 90% topics bursts into a fight and don't want to look like a noob so getting no where slowly but I'll get there.


I think i got the back sorted with falcon Au Springs and hilux shocks

But the front is killing me cause I can't find AE86,Corona,T18 Struts in Perth

Engine will be 4agte when the time is right

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Anyone got ideas on colour?

I'm thinking

Dark Grey

Boring White

Jdm baby blue


Let us know

Dark grey sounds nice, especially if your going to fit chrome onto the exterior. How about a really deep but lush red?


Also did you make those twin exhaust tips by any chance? It looks good!

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Never been a fan of red cars its a little bit to out there for me.


The twin exhausts came with it when I bought it, they 2 into 1 welded on the the back of the muffler.

post-11944-092503200 1294910451_thumb.jpg


They grey I'm thinking of is like this

post-11944-096350900 1294910415_thumb.jpg



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Hey mate, cars cming allong nicely.

Wish I had the time and money to progress this fast haha.

As for the grey:

If you want to be turning heads a dull grey isn't the best choice. It rectracts from the car, makes everything else slightly dull.

You should be goign for something lighter, or make that shade metallic.






my 2 cents ;]



Edit: The twin tips, is awesome, I want some!

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Well have to finish the bodywork before 8 Feb ( Was a set goal )

Then doing suspension after should be end of Feb.

Then 4K is schedule for some work, date undecided on that

So not really soon , I'm quite the perfectionest..but painting this week depending on weather and if I can decide on a colour.


The Tailights were pretty stubborn just got to make the standard holes a little wider.

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Hey Guys

Going to get some parts tommorrow from the wreckers for my suspension just wanted to confirm that all will be good.



Springs : Ford Falcon Au Springs x 2

Shocks : Toyota Hilux 4wd model Front Shocks



Springs : Ford Falcon Au Springs x 2

Shocks : Unknown ????????


Corona Lca and and Steering arms



p.s Got some new pics coming soon!

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Good luck finding a short shock inserts for the front with standard struts :no2:


What model hilux you stealing the shocks out of? How low are you going?

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Hey blzbub666 hows the white walls going mate?


Still Researching the Hilux Shocks, I know its Single Cab 4wd but not to sure if its 4th gen or 5th gen.


Front shocks are killing me and I'm not keen for the whole conversion. I'll phone around tomorrow see what I can uncover!


I'm going about 110mm - 120mm from the jack up spots( lowest part of the car ).



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