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  1. The easiest way to shoehorn a 1uz in a ke70 is with the autobox a340. also, you can easily pick where you want the selector to go. Otherwise if you're not going to be doing burnouts every chance you get a w58 will be fine, with light massaging here and there. Other-Otherwise r154 is ok. expensive for what you get, it won't break for a long time. You'll need a new trans tunnel and a shifter relocation. You could go stronger but you won't need that unless you're going to rebuild it with crazy turbos etc. Easiest and by far the cheapest is the auto option, people literally give them away, And you can build them to handle power.
  2. Hey mate, might be worth making a car build thread? Here's a link for the brakes. Goodluck!
  3. wow. good job ay. hydros are the future mate, don't you wanna live in the future?? i bought a car with electric windows too! its crazy up here.
  4. i had a look through their website, i thought they only imported whole cars, as opposed to halfcuts.
  5. Hey guys, I'm having a bit of trouble with the whole buy an engine from japan. I've tried ringing a few importers etc. but noone seems to want my business. I basically want to import a halfcut. I'm after a 1jzgtte for the cressida (oh how original...) if that helps. Anyone know any decent importers or jap engine wreckers that will actually talk to me? I've talked to Import Monsters they seem to be the most reliable at this stage, but are quite expensive... Thanks!
  6. my car is very low. 14x7 +11 all round with just rolling the lip on the inside (no faring outwards) the rim is exactly 3mm inside the guard. 185 60s scrub on every bump.
  7. bAKER

    Carb 4Ag

    I tried hyperpack, I didn't like it that much. And you can't adjust it. I sent a big port dizzy to performance ignitions in Sydney with Some money a week later they sent me a coil and custom mechanical advanced dizzy completely customizable. They're a little bit more expensive but you can modify the engine with it of you want later on down the track.
  8. ToyotA designed their brake fluid and engine oil to be used in all their old systems. Eg. Toyota 10w30 is recommended by Toyota to be used in hilux 5L ediesel engines. We do what Toyota tells us.
  9. bAKER

    Carb 4Ag

    ive done it with dhla40s and a scorcher ignition. goes well and hard.
  10. I work at toyota dealership. put toyota dot4 in everything. as far as toyota is concerned it is interchangeable. dot5 to 3 is not. sounds like a master leak, one of the old o rings has been unsettled with the new fluid. so its leaking past into one of the other lines. Edit: Test brakes. Hold your foot on the pedal hard, if it starts sinking, its a hydo leak. If it does move, turn the car on while your foot is on the pedal, it should sink a bit then stay solid, if not its a booster leak.
  11. wow. super jealous. I really wish I had your time and patience. Wanna polish some bits for me? haha.
  12. Wow, you guys work fast. Car looks amazing. THe parts you make yourself will be of higher quality than what was pumped out of the factory all those years ago. So when youre remaking them, your making your car better than original! What are the roads like up there? are the driving conditions as crazy as TV lends us to believe?
  13. you seem to be getting bad economy, id be checking the timing. My 4a gets about 7.5L, when she's getting thrashed. Although I have an auto diff in mine so she sits a bit higher, rev wise.
  14. i have a k40 speedo cable on my t50.
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