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A while back I proposed posting up a file of gaskets people could copy onto gasket paper or cork as applicable. Nothing seems to have happened with it, so I will put these up here.


If applicable, mods may wish to relocate. I will add to it as I can. For example, I have an earlier T50 set somewhere too.


Presumably since they are attached as pdf files, they should print out as actual size.


Please feel free to add stuff you may have, but probably best not to clutter the thread with chat.



KE1x Gearbox overhaul



KE1x water pump and axle flange.pdf



KE2x gearbox gaskets.pdf



AE86 T50 gaskets.pdf

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Parrot, apologies, you sent me these some time back but I never replied.


A minor update though, I've got access to a laser cutter and I'm still keen to collect a library of gaskets. I've got a full 3T-GTE gasket kit ready to go onto the scanner this weekend, and they are nigh on impossible to get parts for.


Anyone else with Gaskets they can ID, please go ahead and scan and post them. Put a ruler on the scanner as well to calibrate against.

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No worries, I mean it's not as if you haven't got anything else to do besides devoting your spare time to this site!


As I said, I presume that being pdf files, these will print out actual size. If you need them redone with a ruler, let me know.

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Some new additions: As before print in A4 size


4AGE Bigport throttle body and ICSV valve gaskets.


4AGE throttlebody.pdf



Also what I believe is an S series diff gasket. I ordered a T series one from Toyota but they stuffed it up


S series diff.pdf



I should have some T series diff gaskets soonish thanks to Amayama and I will add these when they arrive.

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