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Grand Pa'S Ke20

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Thought I'd start a thread for my ke20 that i picked up a week or two ago, she has one or two spots of surface rust that's about all, she is completely stock with the 3k engine but am looking at putting a 12a in it n make it a mad little sleepa.The interior that is in the car isnt in the best condition but i picked up 4 black door cards and a black back seat all in near new cond and will install this w/e.


hope you like ...










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update time .. so took the car ova for a spot check to see what i had to do for rego, came back with a few little things

1.install passanger door trim

2.dash missing

3.reverse lights arnt working

4.small thumb print rust in the chassis rail

5.rust in front cross member

6. two tyres were worn

and last 7.steering stop adjust was off


Got busy on the weekend with my mate a knocked a few of these ova, fix the steering by adjusting the bolts near the gear box, made a temp dash up out of carpet and installed the black interior i got both came up pretty good, ordered a new cross member and jus plated the rust in the chassis rail, brought new tyres and gave the car a good wash and a general service.


few pics ..




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