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Bmx Thread !

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Hey guys i'm not sure if anyone has posted a thread like this yet i searched but didn't find anything (don't rage if there is one)



I know alot of people are bmxers so i thought id make a thread on it, just post the details of your bike and where your local park is.

Even throw up a few photos of you riding !

Okay il give my details.


Bars: S&M Perfect Tens 10' rise :laff:

Stem: Fit Signature

Frame: Sunday Funday Pro (the bright orange one)

Forks: Odyssey classic 41 Thermals

Front wheel: Odyssey Gsport rim with a Profile elite hub wrapped in Maxxis Grifter foldable tyre.

Rear wheel: Odyssey Hazard lite rim also with a profile elite cassete hub 9tooth wrapped in a Maxxis grifter aswell.

Cranks: Odyssey Twombolt cranks

Pedals: Fit plastics (not sure of name)

Seat: Kink seat post with an Animal seat.

Chain: Shadow conspiracy half link.



My local bmx park is Point Cook bowl ! great flowing park, which you really have to be a local to ride well. The point from where the photo was taken is actually over vert (sorta like knox bowl only not as extreme.) the smallest section is 6foot so i think the extension hits about 9 ?



Okay guys i know there are bmxers out there so reply to this thread !

post up your bike and photos of whatever bmx related !

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frame. s&m cardona

bars. s&m slam xlt

forks. odyssey director

cranks. profile

stem. odyssey elementary v2

hubs. profile mini 9t

rims. gsport ribcage

sprocket . home made 24t

chain. cult half link

seat .odyssey pivotal

seatpost .colony flatland

pedals . primo strickler mag

tire . odyssey plite

ti .crank axle

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sprocket . home made 24t

Oh thats different running a 24 to a 9 and not 8 or 7, do you pedal a little harder or is it not that noticeable ?

and youor other ride, i want it so bad!

can imagine cruising on that in summer :cool:

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Gonna leave me guessing the specs? Looks good all black, makes me wish my bike wasn't so colourful.

ok specs


Frame S&M BTM 21 trans black looks brown in the sun

Fork United Squad

Bars Federal Morrow 8.5

Barends S&M

Stem S&M Race XLT

Grips Animal Edwin Delarosa

Headset Animal

Seat Animal Nigel

Post Animal

Cranks Profile /Titanium spindle

BB United

Sprocket S&M ironman spline drive

Pedals Animal hamilton sealed

Pegs Animal Lino G / MK3 Lite

Hub guard BSD

Hubs Profile F & R 9t LHD hollow titanium axel

Spokes Stowaway double butted

Rims Eclat

Rimstrips Animal

Tyres Animal Tom White kevlar 2.2

Mods cut down bars and steerer tube,inside laced spokes on front hub, Shaved crankarm pedal bosses

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