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Bmx Thread !

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Yeah go retro!!


Now is that a 24" cruiser? If so does that make it a supergoose or a moosegoose? It's been so long since I've seen one. I'm still hunting for a replacement to my old "Californian" I sold soo many rears ago.



It is a 1981 Kos Kruiser it is 26".


I have two of them, and I just bought the 2012 Kos Kruiser as well.







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Ok guys, Ive done a bit of digging and found this thread.


Anyway, I need some advise. I am having trouble breaking spokes on the trike I built. last race we stopped counting at 42....... it cost us the race. I have decided to rejig the wheels and go for a BMX tyre and rim.


This is the issue. I currently have 32 hole drum brake hubs, and I am looking for a 16" BMX rim to suit. Can find plenty of 36 hole rims, but not the 32 hole rims I am after. If anyone out there knows where I can source these rims, it would be great. I'd even consider getting a pair custom made if it worked out cheaper than replacing everything I have currently.

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Lol didnt realise theres other people into old school bmx!, just got back into it for transport to work etc so brushed the cobwebs off one of the ol girls and were now both out of retirement LOVING IT!...

post-17369-0-04610900-1456087122_thumb.jpg 81 redline carerra if only i kept the goose, the Robinson and the harry leary turbo i could buy a small unit in toorak.

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Neither did i was bored and went digging lol, the bmx is making quite the comeback since becoming an olympic event ,if id have known i might have stayed into it for longer raced from 81 to 87 factory sponsored 6 aus 3 vic in 83 84 series, got sick of the walk from flinders st everyday so duted her off and I'm 10 again! Beats the hell out of a gay lycra bike I'm rockin the ol full face helmet and all...

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