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  1. This has annoyed me for ages! However, over the years of selling all my car stuff I've noticed that putting less information in an ad generates more interest from buyers, and I don't just mean people asking for information that isn't in the ad but people wanting to buy the shit with no information at all. I guess people just CBF reading/lose interest after knowing all the details/are idiots/think the items might be better than they are because there is no information to go off.
  2. Well in! You'll learn so much from buying your own tools and fixing your own shit.
  3. Dude that ʞ©$ɟing sucks, at least it survived. Cats rule.
  4. Sorry to keep y'all waiting. I pulled the engine down and everything was intact and clean, the engine just didn't have enough compression to fire. The new engine went in and fired straight up on the same wiring loom and ecu that was running the old engine when it died. It was pretty weird that it lost compression within about a minute of actual driving time.
  5. You're a bit of a slut
  6. I suspect your idle circuit in the TPS is out. You cannot set ignition timing until your idle circuit in the TPS is closed, as the ECU will not go into diagnostic mode (regardless of whether the diagnostic light is flashing or not). The timing will jump around everywhere and just generally be way out.
  7. +1 for base height adjustable. You can also keep your springs captive/add spring preload and maintain good suspension droop while lowering your car on base height adjustables, you cannot do this easily on normal height adjustable coilovers. I've been down the weld-on route twice and I wouldn't do it again. I'd go Shockworks base height adjustable AE86 coilovers if I could afford it. BCs also seem to be alright, very high spring rates though.
  8. If Sonic the Hedgehog was a car.
  9. ^This A lot of modern cars have gone back to separate spring and shock setups in the rear so it can't be that bad.
  10. rian

    Rians Ke70

    IT"S ALIVE! I drove it around the block. There's a couple of things that need sorting out but it looks promising, no leaks yet :y: Will add some pics soon.
  11. It depends on your offset. You will need to trim the front part of the arch in your fenders to clear the tyres when turning, and you may need flares.
  12. I have used the SW20 rear damper insert in a shortened/coilover AE86 strut housing in a KE70. So far I've tried them with 8, 7 and 5kg/mm springs and I like the 5kg/mm the best - still plenty stiff but not harsh like the 8kg/mm springs. A KE25 is a fair bit lighter than a KE70 too.
  13. ʞ©$ɟ me I've been using it wrong all this time.
  14. Since when did "JDM" become a term for half-arsing something?
  15. Would recommend BASE height adjustable coilovers over height adjustable coilovers. BC are decent, Shockworks are meant to be best bang for buck. Would NOT recommend S13 coilovers without other mods. Would recommend using AE86 power steering arms. Would recommend front strut brace. Would recommend REAR sway bar. Would strongly recommend fixed back bucket seat.
  16. You need to know what wheel width you want, the offset and maybe the caliper clearance required - a quick google image search will give you some good diagrams of offset and caliper clearance/overhang. You could probably figure it all out by pulling the wheel off and measuring it up with a straight edge and a ruler. Or just go with the size that others have used on their AE112.
  17. I'm up at Taringa, so it's not too far. You should post up a rides thread like Clapped Out said :y:
  18. rian

    Rians Ke70

    Nah I just gave up on it. Pretty sure it was just low on compression, because timing(ignition and cam), spark and fuel all seemed to be in order. It would actually start if I poured some oil down the spark plug holes to bump up the compression, but would only run for a few seconds then die. If the new engine goes in and starts up then I can rule out any electrical or fuel problems as I will be using the same wiring loom/injectors/ecu etc.
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