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Found a ke36 wagon for sale for $800 at Angle Vale, Adelaide


Yellow, awesome nic too. Saw a guy roll up to it, ring up and buy it on the spot. He went to the petrol station, filled her up and went straight home down the road where he honked it like mad when he got home (from excitment)

I still see it parked infront of his house. Its pretty cool


Saw a Ke20 coupe at Angle Vale too filling up.


The girl who works at the Angle Vale servo drives a blue ke30


Along the highway i saw a ke38 pass by


Saw a ke50 liftback for sale not too long ago for 1200 (bad shape, but definitely still driveable and roadworthy)


I own a KE 30 and jive in that area too.


Thinking about it there is alot of old school corollas in my area :thumbsup:

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^^^ sorry for long reply


This was ages ago when i was barely scratching the surface of rollas so i didn't think much of it

it was slightly dinged, no drivers side window and no fuel gauge, but it was factory dual carb. came from around port adelaide i think so rust would have been an issue


looking back on it i should've bought it aha

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