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Replacing Lca Bushes On A Ke55

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I need to replace the lower control arm bushes on a KE55. Workshops charge you a fortune to do the job. Is it really a pita for an average skilled person to do the job himself? (I am not an expert mechanic, but I replaced the rear shocks, bushes and leaf springs myself with no problems). Is it necessary to completely remove the LCA from the car? DO the old bushes came off easy? Is a press really needed to fit the new bushes, or a bolt, a pair of large washers and a bit of patience can also do the job?


Any advice is really appreciated.

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I did mine by hand,. Just make sure you lube the LCA not the bush and push.

I think when I got it about halfway I put something on top for leverage like a spanner so I could pit more weight on it.

Just make sure the rod in the middle goes in AFTER its in the LCA.

Yes the LCA needs to come out to make it easier.

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the lower control arms have a outer steel case that needs to be pressed in , can be done in a vice with some sockets and take your time, best done in a press . to get them out, just hit bush with a hammer on the end without the flange and after a couple of hits they should come out ,and once they are in back on the car, leave the control arm bolt a little loose and tighten once the car is on the ground, this will allow the bush to stay in its natural position, not twisted if you tighten them in the hung position. good luck with the job

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I've changed a few LCA inner bushes in my time. In fact I did a couple only a few weeks ago. I remember struggling with them the first time I did one, years ago. I found then, that the hardest bit was actually removing the old bushes, rather than fitting the new bushes. Quite often, the old rubber bushes have been in there so long, they literally vulcanise to the LCA.


The technique I have used works well, & doesn't require any special equipment.


1. Definitely remove LCA from the car.


2. Place LCA in a vice & saw off with a hacksaw, the section of the rubber bush shoulder on each side, that

protrudes from the LCA.


3. Don't worry about cutting the centre metal crush tube, as the bush kit always includes a new one.


4. Drill a series of pilot holes through the rubber bush between metal tube & LCA.


5. Open up these holes with a larger drill until the holes nearly join.


6. The tube & remaining bush material can then be easily knocked out with a large drift punch.


7. Clear vulcanansied rubber remaining inside the LCA opening with a round file, being careful not to remove any metal.


8. Finish cleaning inside of hole with sand paper & your finger, until metal only remains.


9. Apply supplied lubricant grease to both bushes, as detailed in instructions with new bushes.


10. Fit both bushes at the same time using an ordinary vice, with a piece of packing timber so the jaws of the vice then pressurise

the whole of the outer bush end.


Pretty simple, & effective, and has worked for me every time.


P.S. The outer lower LCA ball joints can also be removed & replaced by hand, with a bit of care & patience, without the need for a press, but that's another story.


Cheers Banjo

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