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Ke25 Overheating With 5K


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Any creamy colour oil on your dipstick yet?

Start the car with radiator cap off if you get bubbles streaming (constant flow) out radiator you have problem. Give it a rev see if coolant shoots out. These will only happen if the headgasket is bad. If it doesn't happen still don't rule out a gasket!

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I know I'm digging up an old post but i found a little more out about this, might be common knowledge but it was new to me so thought i should share.


for fuel level and water temp sensors;

- Ke1X dash supplies unregulated 12v (whatever your alternator reg is supplying)

- Ke3x (early) uses 7v regulated

- ke5x (and late 3x?) uses 10v regulated


Which is why the gauges will read funny if you mix the sensors up. Sensor needs to match the dash, not the engine.

also why the gauges on a 1x tend to be a bit inconsistent as the voltage out of the reg will move a bit with rpm, lights etc.


Unsure about Ke20 or 70?

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