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Timmynz Kp61 Starlet In Perth

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Hey All,


I haven't done a build thread for my KE70 but just scored this little gem, and thought id share it with you all.


1983 Toyota Starlet KP61 'Lisse' 4door, 4k, Auto, Slant Front, Drop Hatch.




Found her randomly in Karratha, Western Australia of all places. Left a note on the windscreen and heard back from the elderly lady owner the next day.

And talking for a few days we came to agreed apon price of $1400, which i was more than happy with obviously, but she had to find another car to purchase.

So after 3 weeks of her looking she found a new car and i was able pay and do the paperwork and receive her on Friday 22/11/13.




First thing i did was to remove the ugly hub caps. Still had the factory toyota centre caps underneath so stoked.

All the photos are from when i first inspected the car. Dash says 116,000kms.




Interior is in really good shape, no rips in seats, small tear in hood lining.

Dash has no major cracking but has small hairline cracking. Its a Lisse model which from what I've red only came out Automatic, but has larger axels and diff.

This thing is in really good shape for its age. Only rust I've found so far is in the drives door, will be one of the first jobs i tackle.




I've owned quite a few starlets in NZ and still currently own a KP61 Starlet Wagon, so i know all about rusty starlets and the usual spots for rusting.


Plans are to clean tidy it up (get all the red dust off her), fix all rust, service it.

Slam it with some coil overs etc and some SSR 13" or 14" wheels, duno what type yet. And look into manual conversion maybe. And then just drive it.

She's on the truck getting transported from Karratha to Perth as i write this. But me and the mrs are currently moving from Surfers Paradise to Perth so by end of Jan 14 we will be driving her round, enjoying her.




Will keep updated with mods etc as they happen.


Also anyone know how many in the country? Seen people say anywhere from 3 to 6.

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Members dont see this ad

Welcome to the club!


There is another member from WA who has one, it had the 4ke nd 5 speed combo...

Great little cars which Aus missed out on.


It's definitely a head turner :)

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Yea i have a complete manual conversion and complete 4k-e injection setup back in NZ sitting in boxes. Thinking of bringing it over.

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Found a rev counter dash on yahoo japan. Had been looking all over for one, tried trademe, ebay, club-k etc. Got it for a good price, so I'm happy. And collected almost all the KP61 manual conversion bits i need from NZ, and will source any 4k parts i need locally, flywheel, k50 etc. So can't wait till I'm in perth to start work on it.



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Few more bits arrived.



KP61 Cable clutch firewall mount, spot welds un-stitched and ready to mount.





KP61 Manual gearbox chassis mounts, spot welds un-stitched and ready to mount, could just make a custom gearbox mount but want to use all factory parts for conversion.





KP61 K50 tail housing, so the shifter is in the correct spot, these are getting hard to find, even in NZ.





KP61 Manual pedal box.





And Ae82 Twin cam steering wheel. Will see if it suits the KP, if not it will just be another spare.





Still a few things to get, but no rush, prob won't have time to do the manual conversion for a while due to moving interstate and work in the new year.

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Got these SSR XR4 14x7 +0 for $200 for the KP61 they have a bit of rash and slight buckle in one, getting them fully refurbished at www.depuluwheels.com in Ashmore, they've done a few wheels for me there, do a good job.


Getting fully mirror polish and black sections re-painted and will be replacing all nut/bolts with stainless items. Going to order some SSR valves too, and prob some SSR wheel nuts. Hardest thing to find is a full set of SSR XR4 wheel caps in good condition.


Also trying to decide on which tyre to run, thinking bout some Kumho KU31 185/55/14, never ran them before. Unless anyone else has some suggestions.


And still need to find another pair of SSR XR4, but ill wait till these ones are done and the AE86 front strut conversion is done, since it adds track and i don't know if these wheels are going to be for the front or the rear. And go from there.


Cost $200 for wheels, $600 to refurb, so by the time i get all the other bits they'll prob owe me $1000, but ill be happy.

Refurb ones I've seen go for $700-$1000 but depends on size and offset.






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I have had Ku31 and have raced on them and i thought the bang for buck on them was great. I think the smallest they come in is a 185/55/14



Yea I've heard good things about them.


I did find them in 165/55R14. On sale too. Duno bout load rating tho.



But 185/55R14 might be the go.

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Update. Got the wheels back from Depulu Wheels Ashmore today. Really happy, there was some pitting in areas but they are old wheels and they weren't in the best condition, but they've turned out really well. I definitely recommend these guys, friendly and easy to deal with.






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Yea they do look good. Just need to get all the bolts, nuts etc.


The car is in Perth and I'm not moving to Perth till this coming Monday, so can't wait to get there and pick her up from storage. But gota go straight back to work too, so no work will be done on it till break.


Need to find a 4k flywheel in Perth too, if anyone has one they can sell???

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