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Ke70 Station Wagon Streeter


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its loaded full of rust, reciev3d a quick wire wheel and rust converter and then fiberglassing.. unfortunately its had dodgey repairs done a few times now so its just not worth restoring properly..

the body got rubbed back with 180g, then all repairs done, hi fill primed the repairs and sealed off the whole car with sealer, then a couple coats of hi fill primer.

then 2 coats of 2k solid white, followed by a coat of clear with green holographic flake added, then 4 more coats of clear so that the flake wasnt protruding

pics don't really do the flake justice, but it turns heads in the sunlight driving past to say the least haha. the wheels might not be everyones cup of tea but i love them, would love a set of ssr mesh in 15x8 but just don't have the funds












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