Toby's 1984 Olympic Edition Ke70 Corolla

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Godey guys, Toby here!

I've purchased my second corolla ever after a 5 year gap between KE70's.

I found her on these very forums, granny spec one owner, family car it soon became very clear this wasn't the average clapped out plate swapped and thrashed KE I'm used to seeing here in Adelaide so I snapped her up.

With that said I paid $2000 for her. My grandfather who still thinks he needs to chauffeur me to every single car I look at wasn't please another old car that will be a money pit to fix all the problems he kept on telling me while I tried to assure him he was wrong. But in all truth he was half right, yes it would be a money pit but that wouldn't be because she has problems that are major, no it’s because I'm now older and a qualified mechanic with disposable income I had a dream of a mental 4AGE build.

So I've got my list for my action plan first things first fix the only two spots of rust in the car "I'm currently waiting for the shop to do it already put the money aside was quoted $800 by lord of dings literally 3 doors down from my work so easy of access was a big part of going with them"

while I was at ServiceSA transferring the title into my name and getting a year’s rego I went stupid and got myself some custom plates "slim front, square rear" with "KE SVNT" after this I found out my boss had a set of Defi gauges laying around so I got the set of 4 (oil temp/pressure, water temp and boost gauge "for some reason I hooked it up for the hell of it not like I need it on a currently stock 4k") for $100 with the controller

I've also been known to troll "in for the fishing sense and mythical creature" the common cesspool that is known as Drift Sales SA on the old Facebook and so far I have acquired a pair of genuine DX taillights for $70 and a genuine Nardi Classic 330MM black leather on a black center that I'm happy with

also the boss of my neighboring workplace has a friend whose son was into corolla's and he’s since moved overseas so his father has given me a big port 4AGE with a built bottom end and ported top end for $50 bucks "the value for it if it was scrap in his eyes I did offer to pay more but I think I’ll let it slide for now.

Shortly after this event I was also given two old DCOE 45's made in Italy so I’ve been gifted a decent chunk of mechanical parts required for my plans as my 4age was always going to be carbureted stuff EFI I think, with that I’m also in full researching mode looking to run a cdi ignition as well with a chop wheel on the harmonic balancer to piss off the ugly dizzy being driven off the exhaust cam

so the plan is:

#1 fix the rust “well I’ve booked her in and have the money aside”

#2 do the minor accessory stuff like the gauges and wheel

#3 Find me some 15x7 or wider SSR Longchamp’s xr4 these are by far my favorite old school JDM wheels basically looking to go as fat as possible before rolling/over guards or flares are needed

#4 do the flat front conversion and locate some genuine quad headlights and chrome bumpers

#5 sort all the suspension and lower her properly I refuse to cut springs

#6 worry about a LSD and disc break rear end

#7 possibly a respray in the original color I actual like the gold and get the original pin stripping in yellow redone

And finally my last once she’s already then drop the 4age once the brakes and suspension can handle it all

Here's some assorted photos of the car as she currently is and the day I got her and the gauges, Nardi and dx tail lights and the big port head I’ve stripped and cleaned




























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Looks good! Make sure to keep updating! I love reading about these cars!


Tell me how your 4AGE goes, that 70 had a 4AC so it was a straight bolt in? Never mind, read that it has a 4k :P

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Poser level is increasing "custom plates acquired"

but real work is starting, full set of bc coil-overs for ae86 ordered, fd series 6 calipers acquired and new mini copper rotors "slotted and drilled" also sourced just need to buy the ajps dog bone adapter for the knuckles to make it all bolt up and ajps RCA adjusters oh and ajps adjustable panhard rod is needed too.

last weekend sprints had a sale on Nolathane bushes $2.80 each packet 200k's later I had 3 of every bush, visited over 8 stores and basically cleared the state of ke70 stock ended up being a $75 venture and an afternoon cruise well worth. "Picture of bushes is the first batch from Salisbury before I was told I could get further discount if I was a RAA member so I went and pinched the step fathers RAA card"

I purchased some ra40 Celica LCA's "from what I've read on the forums they are exactly the same as xt130 LCA's" now I need to buy the ajps tie-rod end and rob to suit the widened track

Put a deposit down at barrel bro's for some SSR XR4's Longchamp’s 15X8 -21 front AND 15x 9.5 -31 rear

purchased a full flat front conversion locally for $200

lined up the purchase of new old stock genuine quad headlights before he posted publicly and managed to get him to wait till my next payday "Friday the 13th spooky day"

Living the 2 minute noodle life at the moment savings gone not going to japan in March anymore car parts to much of a priority

and oh I got 1000k's to the tank 3 weeks ago not bad Adelaide to JDM-X park, a trip from JDM-X park to Port Pirie, a separate trip to Port Germaine for a beer run and then back to Adelaide and to work for the fortnight didn’t drift the track just went out to watch my boss crash into everything and everybody’s car he knocked some poor blokes s14 daily off in 2 minutes of him being out on the track complete write off of the s14 which he drove out to the place 400k's away from the city so I gave him and his mate a lift home his cars ʞ©$ɟed now riding the pushy to work, the bosses drift pig manual converted 1jz Soarer is all fixed I wired up some aristo thermos to a spare radiator he had and got a new intercooler and turned around and did a semi tube front. Think the other bloke hasn’t even started fixing his yet when my boss is going back out this Sunday.

oh and meet a bloke at work that was buying coil overs for his younger cousin in Millicent that has the ajps chin spoiler I wanted to buy that he cleaned snapped in half he proceeded to offer it to me for free I jumped at the offer good thing I have an old maestro fiberglass right next door that will not only fix it but that will probably make it better then ajps did in the first place but anyway ajps has been mention way to many times now they need to sponsor me for the mentions I think

But money is now running low been throwing a lot at it really but that’s my update.

let me know if i'm a shit writer and go on to many tangents






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You don't need AJPS tie rods for your extended track. Just get ra60 rack ends, they're 28mm longer than stock and probably 1/5 the price if AJPS shit.

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You don't need AJPS tie rods for your extended track. Just get ra60 rack ends, they're 28mm longer than stock and probably 1/5 the price if AJPS shit.

oh wow, i wont need different adjusting tubes? like the ke30 ones ive read about in all the front end guides here?

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Shouldn't do. I just used stock tie rod ends with ra60 rack ends. There's a lot of different ways to go about it. I'm just a tight ass.

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so not much has really been happening ive had some blast pipes knocked up



and got a pair of SSR meshies "15X8.5 +21"


and they tuck the rear perfectly i will be buying a pair of 15X7 +/-0 the same make and model in Adelaide and will put the xr4 longchamps away.

they are just way to big for stock guards and I'm not hacking the car up to fit them i kinda respect the car too much

but with that said I'm putting chopped falcon springs in both front and back with rca's to temporarily lower the car

while i wait to get the rest of my ae86 suspension gear ill also put new shocks to tighten it all up too when i put the choppies in

ill also fit the nolathane bushes i got a while ago at the same time as most stuff will be out of the car at the time and fit the adjustable pan-hard rod to recenter the diff once lowered

other then that ive got the 4ag now




i also managed to pick up a msd 6al-2 to manage the spark for my motor brand new locally "well in the same state it was a 90 minute drive to his from mine"

it does 2 step limiter and all the good stuff rrp from outlaw speed shop has it as 650 new his was still in box sealed payed 300

also got some t3 adjustable cam gears off a lad in Queensland for $50 i totally forgot to get toda ones when i did my order of cams "308* 11mm lift, under-bucket shim conversion and all the rest of the head gear. still need rods, slugs, bearings, clutch&flywheel

from the toda shop

ive also found some carporn inspiration for wait I'm going to want the 4ag-c to look like once in my car






well itll be as close to that level of cleanness as possible but ill have dual dcoe-45 webbers and not some set of motorcycle carbs

i find myself still gorging myself on people insites and outcomes some my experience is smooth in doing all the work

trying to learn from others efforts is a smart move in my book but ill have pics up eventually with it lowered and a complete set of rims on it.

oh also forgot ive done a cluster swap to have a tacho now too ive put my speedo in it so the k's match up and have wound the over one to

0k's so when i put the new motor in ill swap it again so the odometer matches the motor

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Oh if y'all want a update its had a full suspension swap then got defected, so back to stock currently and have a full mrp built 4ag running the keihins fcr41's and msd 6AL2 programable and a such to support it, sitting on a engine stand at me pops but also bought a te74 hardtop coupe thats just been complied

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