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Bathurst Te37 Levin (Oh And Some Gemini Stuff)

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The latest Shannons club email has just come out with a really interesting article in Racing Garage on the Gemini domination of the 1979 Bathurst 1600cc class.


There is also quite a bit said about the TE37 Levin that was entered. Worth a look.

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Just got an email from TechnoToyTuning this morning, for their BlackFriday sale. On their Instagram site, is a picture of a Te37 / SR5 that lobbed up at one of the meets they were at.

Oh, they were an awsome looking, classic, aggressive looking coupe !


Or this one !  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lvT8PQTBuRk


If you like Levins, then this vid is a good way to enjoy a cup of coffee & relax,  . . . and dream !


 Cheers  Banjo

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There is one getting around in Melbourne that was imported from Japan.  The guy also rallies a converted local car.

Mind you, we TE27 owners tend to sniff at TE37's as the somewhat inferior cousin to our thoroughbred's


But then, as mine is still a shell and boxes and boxes (and yet more boxes) of parts, perhaps I shouldn't be quite so judgemental.....

In reality they are probably somewhat rarer.

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