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Best Coils For A Ke35


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Hey Guys, just wondering if any of you have done any coil-over/suspension upgrades in your KE30/35's that are recommended. Also wondering what amount of work would need doing putting in AE 82/92/86/101/111 coils in a KE35 as I am interested in upgrading handling and lowering the car.


Thanks All.

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People on here have done coil overs heaps of times before, just use the search function to get some idea's as to what other people have used. Adapting other coils into your existing front struts will just bounce you from one headache to another, Just figure out what spring rate your happy with and go custom made, if that's not enough, stick with the coil over idea,



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Been done plenty of times, either lowered springs for those factory struts or entire aftermarket / custom coilovers. No point in using another cars springs if they

aren't the exact size / rate / height needed which would be very unusual but not impossible. Make sure they are captive at full droop in the end. Coilovers are a lot

of work and there are no aftermarket ones for ke3x but you can get a 48mm DIY basic kit from HSD, you would need a lot of other stuff to make it work though.

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