1979 Ke55 Project

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Hi, total noob here so if this is in the wrong section please do tell me!


Anyway long story short, I was looking for a project car to have a go at fixing up and had almost made up my mind on a RX7 that I saw on gumtree. My dad found an add on gumtree for a KE55 rolling shell in what looks like fantastic condition for an insane price, so on impulse I'm heading down tomorrow to pick it up. I'm pretty sure it was factory auto but there's no motor or box.


Ok now for the reason this in in here, A long time ago my elder brother was into corollas and had a AE86, he brought and planned to do an engine swap with an imported 16V 4AGE (Blue top I think), however about a month before he planned to do it he was in a crash. The chassis was beyond repair and so he scrapped the car, so we happen to have a perfectly good (if not better) 4AGE that's been sitting in the shed for a good few years now in its packing, with (i believe) a RWD manual gearbox. So I figure why not save a few bucks and give the old girl a transplant?


This sort of thing is totally new to me, and I have tried to do a bit of research but I come up with a lot of answers that are kinda like half an answer to me.So I have a few questions I would like to ask, and please If you know any good threads on this subject can you please link them?


1) What kind of clutch should I be looking to use?

2) Are there any laws in QLD I should know about before starting?(or things I need to comply with)

3) I was told that in order to fit it in I could just use the engine mounts from a K4 series rolla like a KE70, is this true? (something about using the crossmember as well?)

4) With this extra power comes the need for extra brakes, Ive read that you can use the AE86 coilovers and shafts etc easily for this, s this true? or is there a easier/better way? And If the brake master cylinder is needed to be upgraded?

5) I'm betting the rear diff would need to be strengthened too, any easy solutions for this?

6) Is there anything Ive missed Ill need to address?


Just trying to build a parts list of everything ill need to get and do so I can plan this all out before I get to work on it


Or would it be better to do a different conversion? I'm not aiming for insane HP levels but I would like it to be pretty quick, I believe he also had a supercharger for the 4age but he might have sold it.

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Well i will start

1: there is 2 different size fly wheels ,so 2 different size clutches (plates) the centres are the same 200mm or 212mm you will have to convert to hydraulic clutch


3 Thats BS contact ke converstions on here he has mounts to bolt in to ke55 cross member .


If its a late model t50 gearbox which i would expect it would be the shifter will about 17-20 mm back from the orginal shift hole in a 55 ( easy fix).


2 i would check this first !!


I sure others will chime in with the rest

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Om sorry for replies guys , Ive been reading up on what you said to and after checking with my brother for engine specs I decided its way too much work for my fist car project. His was a FWD 4AGE and a manual box where my ke55 was auto. So intead I'm going with a replacement 4k that ill hot up later. Mods can close this thread please!

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