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Kyles Poo Coloured Old Car


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Hey everyone, I've been lurking for sometime and finally decided to make an account now that I actually own a KE70. I bought this wonderful poo brown slant front off a friend for $500. It's not pretty, nor does it have an engine or much else going for it but I'm going to get it running and then daily drive it. Plans are to build it into a decent little 4K for now. Originally I had planned for a 7K but at the moment I'm going to modify the 4K.


This is the journey so far; Got it, got a set of wheels for it, pulled some engines apart and decided to replace whatever I think I should to make one decent runner out of a few, new clutch and new head. I'll update the thread whenever I get something new or do something. Cheers.










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Have been quiet for a while and haven't made too much build progress but I've been gathering various goodies. At the moment the head is in the machine shop getting skimmed, going for a 10:1 compression ratio with dual valve springs this will suit the cam which I got done by, Tighe, got a 280/280 duration.I feel like this will do well for a street application. Will probably look into a port and 3 angle valve job depending how responsive it will be with the 3k dual carb intake and two 7k carbs. If anyone has any info on running a setup like this and any additional head work they've done that would be most welcome.


Purchased a tacho speedo from a lovely memeber. YJPN also opened a wide range of various things, I got a Recaro LS and a MOMO Indy wood, I was on the lookout for a period correct seat and wheel combination for a while. That's the goal with most of this, as period correct as possible. Thanks for reading.












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I was thinking about a port job, I'm unsure yet. It depends on what sort of gains I'll get out of it. As for the 7K carbs I was worried they'd be too much for the little 4K. What do you think it regards to jetting options etc


Valve lift at TDC is .040" and .053"

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If you are using the 4k head, the ports are really small. If you use the 3k big port head, they are more ideal.


Either way, Id be porting both or at least having 3k BP size.


Its not the jetting, its the overall carb throat sizes that are likely to be restrictive. I would run a single 40mm sidedraght weber, or quad bike carbies if you want more upright carbs. If you want to maintain the downdrafts, maybe a pair of 34ICH webers?

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I'll be looking into doing that then. It's an exciting little build that's for sure.


Ideally I'd like to keep the downdrafts because of the dual manifold I've got, which I think is pretty cool. I'll look into the webers, I wasn't sure if I'd be over fueling it or not by going to that sort of carb. I see a lot of debate on people's choices for them and it's an area I'm not very experienced with so any help is much appreciated.

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The thing is that you build a motor with changes to increase performance, there is no off the shelf carb(s) that are going to be the perfect solution.


You need to have the right venturis and jets fitted to match what the new engine specs want. Only real way is to take the newly fitted carb on your new engine to a dyno tuner that knows carbs, and there aren't too many competent carby dyno tuners around anymore.


The cam you have is fairly aggressive (good) so to get the gains throughout the rev range, this is necessary.


I have a 40mm solex (twin barrel) on my internally stock 4k currently. Have gone through the jet amd choke change with my dyno guy and it runs well for a stocker.


Will be going through the whole process again soon with twin 45mm webers on my race 4k (currently close to completeting my rebuild).


Yes they are fun little builds these cars. :)

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