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1975 KE30    0

Hey guys was wondering what the most reliable and Has better performance 4age to go into my ke30 and also what other components I'll need (tailshaft, diff) and also is a t50 box suitable for this application thank you

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ke70dave    202

Hi Dylan,


You are opening a can of worms with a question like that.


The conversion has been done many times before, and basically it is all custom. you are better off having a read through all the build threads on this already and building a knowledge base around the conversion


gotta remember the motor and the transmission never came in a ke30.


You also have to remember that you are going to be m ore than doubling the power of the car in an instant. if you don't have suspension and brakes to go with it its going to be a terrible car to drive.


There are also quote a few configurations of 4age to choose from. The easiest being the rwd bigport from an ae86, medium being FWD engine from a ~1990 corolla, most difficult and most expensive being the 20V motors from the late 90s corollas. Remeber all of these engines are 20yrs old now. some close to 30years, what I'm trying to tell you is they are all wearing out, Id have a guess that most 4ages either have been rebuilt or need rebuilding by now.


Heres a quick run down on the required parts from my perspective:


-your choice of 4age and any associated costs (20V requires aftermarket ecu)

-t50 gearbox and a clutch

-custom made engine and gearbox mounts (some kits exist already, google it)

-figure out what to do with the clutch, t50 gearbox is hydraulic clutch, ke30 is cable clutch. custom pedal box?

-figure out what to do with your differential, no LSDs are available for what you have (well rare as). Going to convert to a T series? all custom mounts etc

-custom tailshaft to your chosen diff

-electric fuel pump system (surge tank, new fuel lines)

-custom made extractors and exhaust

-possibly custom made radiator brackets

-Wiring to suit, few extra relays to run the EFI -

-Brakes for the front and rear to suit -lots of options, none of them that cheap

-suspension at both ends to suit- same as brakes, lots of options, a good setup isnt cheap.

-Are you going to keep the horrendous steering box? or convert to a rack and pinion? big bucks here, but i hate steering box...


I reckon that to get a ke30 with a 4age in it and make it into a car that is actually fun to drive - you are looking at 10k+ by the time you are done, less if you can fabricate yourself.


if you are hell bent on rwd 4age, and got heaps of money, better off buying a JDM ae86. 10k gets you a reasonable car these days. although the prices are going up for the good ones. a ke30 with a 4age is cool, a ke30 with any conversion is cool. But in my opinion there are better ways to spend money.

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7000rpm    10

Hey Dylan,


Another thing that is quickly overlooked is working with the 4k engine. You may be surprised how much can be gained from these old motors.


As above, you are likely to go through the rebuilding process anyway, so machinging and rebuilding costs are neutralised

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