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Just another LS ke70


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Members dont see this ad

Yeah sure did haha

back story is had the car for a long time now probly over 15 yrs used to have sn sr in it drove it around for probly 10 yrs and has sat for the last 5 sr is now in my hiace 

and december last year a bought a hilux turn key race car with the ls in it and striped it out nd sold the ute on  kept everything i could use of the ute now I'm 3 months into the conversion just about to remove dummy motor and paint the engine bay

engine is rebuilt ls3 big cam oil pump valve springs etc stock ecu 2200cc injectors with magnafuel 750 pump and a pair of 66mm turbos with turbosmarp 45 gates engine made 650 atw in the hilux but ran outta fuel was on meth and built powerglide tranz

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Weird thinking you took me out for a spin in this like 16 years ago in NZ with the 4k in it drunk as. Doing burnouts down the cul-de-sac next to Kena Kena shops with Joel getting thrown around in the rear getting smashed up with the trolley jack rolling around. 

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