SloRolla's Slow Ke30

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I've been stock piling parts recently,


Picked up this 5k with a bunch of goodies for only $600! (Cheers Gavin you legend)


Then I picked up these matched twin SU carbs with the full K series kit for $250 delivered. Sweet! Not sure if I want to go normal air filter or trumpets with socks.




The plan is, in the new year to strip the engine bay, fix some minor rust and paint it.

Then source a 5 speed and enjoy it :)


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current situation, been cleaning up the head to get it off to the machinist, and carbs are being rebuilt in the next few weeks27606221_188821741707585_242861464_o.thumb.jpg.31a6c9d5137d306b947ce45ec3c61053.jpg

I also got some front coilovers for a steal, if anyone wants some ke70 camber-tops I've got some to sell.




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I had a great time at my first Toyota Nationals. Everyone was super friendly and a really good time!




In other news, I got my new carbs. I think they're stunning!





I also bought a 5 speed that is currently sitting at my grandmothers place ready to be picked up!




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