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hi need help with my first engine swap

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Welcome in-  I did mine last year and found stacks on here and Toymods about how to do it.

Buying it..  I don't know of anywhere in particular, they come up for sale on AE86DC and Toymods every now and then, and importers have them in stock.

Do you have the engine crossmember to suit one??  Out of an AE71.  That and a hydraulic clutch. Hopefully the gearbox comes with a crossmember.

What do you reckon the budget is?


Two here, FWD and RWD versions.  He got stuck at the hard part, the wiring and plumbing, so he's given up.


Buy the KE38, finish the conversion in your KE70 and put your motor in the little wagon & sell it...

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I think you need to take a step backwards and remember what you are talking about here.

A ke70 when it was new it was an econobox with absolutely zero performance orientation at all. Now it is a 30yr old econobox with absolutely zero performance orientation at all where everything is worn out....

Apart from a 4age conversion, everything else is a custom everything. and the big thing that most people forget when dreaming about engine conversions is you need suspension, brakes, wheels, tyres and a differential to get any sort of benefit from any high powered engine in a ke70.

You put a 200kw sr20det in, regardless of the cost of the engine conversion itself you are looking at ~2k for a differential, $1k for brakes, maybe $2k for suspension, $500 bucks for a seat to hold you in, wheels and DECENT tyres - $1500....

You are in for probably at least ~$7k before you even think about your engine, gearbox, intercooler piping, exhaust, fuel system....

Obviously good deals come up for parts, but this is probably what i would consider "average" prices. 

which is why a proper sr20det enging conversion in a ke70 will set you back about $12k on average and maybe even more for the nice reliable well done installs. 

You can buy an s14 silvia for $10k that will do everything better...

A stocko 16v 4age is more than enough power in a ke70 and with the right combination of parts (that admittedly are getting harder to find) it will bolt in. However 16v 4ages are at least 25yrs old too, budget an engine rebuild.....but again you still need suspension, brakes wheels and tyres to make a 4age powered ke70 proper fun.

This is why it took me about 5yrs to build my 4age ke70 back in the day, stuff is expensive and you just have to wait for the parts to come along and jump on them.

Or buy a ke70 with the engine conversion already done, you'll pay alot less that way:)

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All sadly true, what Dave just said...

If you're willing to look outside Toyota, then I reckon Maxda M5 is the way to go.  Buy the newest motor & 6-speed you can afford and make it fit.  They are sports-performance, not outright powerhouses, but that's all you need in a lightweight tin can like a KE70.

In a FWD world it is getting harder and harder to find new motors in RWD format, or gearboxes that fit. With such a light body you need to keep weight down everywhere, or the handling will turn to shit.  I'd go for the Ford Eco-boost if it wsa possible, or any current 1.3L turbo that weighs nothing and puts out amazing grunt.



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E30 bmw is the gentlemans ke70 :) EFI, IRS, nice interiors, coupe options, factory LSDs, factory quad lights! uber loads of factory diff ratio options, and the 6clr ones have plenty of power and 4 wheel brakes from factory. And no stupid softtop like an mx5:P I would love an mx5 though, cool cars. you do have to think a bit differently with a bmw though, but nothing too exciting. 

Edit: Just Realised you were talking about engine from an mx5, not the whole mx5. The m42 or m44 from the bmw e36 might be an option too. plenty of power for a ke70, same amount of work as the mx5 engine and box. 

Theres nothing wrong with a ke70, i had one for years, great platform to learn how to swing spanners and modify things. But they are cheap cars. keep them cheap, Don't over capitalise. 

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Prices for mid 90s bmw engines are dirty cheap. I reckon youd definatley get a motor and box cheaper than a 4age and t50. They made sooooo many of the e36 318i amd 318is and the cars them selves are not very sort after, the e36 is the black sheep of the bmw family:p

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I didn't have to change anything when I put the 4AGE in, so the car is stock in the suspension & brakes..  Well, it inherited Celica rear drums with I fitted the diff out of an RA60, but that was years before the 4AGE.

Maybe with the extra capacity you have to upgrade brakes and suspension, but you'd better talk it over with a couple of licencing engineers and decide who will certify it before you start.

If you're in Sydney, check The Girls KE70 for the guy in I used, I can't think of his name right now.  He was excellent.

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