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Morris Minors


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Drove a Toyota Echo from Brisbane down to Canberra at the end of the week, for my son, & spent the weekend in Canberra. The Victorian Morris Minor Car Club, had a rally, up & back from Melbourne, with  the weekend in Canberra.

Came across this beautiful collection, on show last Saturday, in a Queanbeyan park.


Enjoy !

Cheers Banjo 

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Hi Rob,

              I first laid eyes on this particular little Morrie Minor tow truck, at the All British Car show in Sydney, back in September 2016, which is amazing.   Nearly 2000 cars ! 

As I was looking at it again, in Queanbeyan, a Japanese man came up, & was looking at it. He asked me what it was for.  I said for towing a broken down car.   He was quite bewildered as to how it lifted a car with a hook.  He thought all cars were put on tilt trays, or had clamps that went around the front wheels.   I pointed out, that this is how it used to be done.  He looked carefully at the capstan, & asked where is the motor.   It had none, as it is hand wound, with a crank handle from the outside, which pokes through the hole "indicated" in the pic. below.


I mimed how it was done, & he walked away laughing & shaking his head.

Cheers Banjo

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