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Ke18 Wagon


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Well, as some of you may know i have a bit of a ke1x addiction...

I still currently have my ke17 sprinter and a ke16 wagon but i've chasing this car for 5+ years and finally managed to buy it.

Ke1x wagon is pretty much my dream car, and was a bit saddened when my current one (build thread on here) is too rusty to do much with...

Now this one is not perfect, But it's pretty bloody good. Rust is minimal to none just some damage and bad paint to deal with. Luckily i have a full donor front end as the one with it was junk..

The plans for short term are try to make it run and stop so i can move it around easier, and then go over the whole car and make a list of everything it needs to pass rego.

Long term the ke17 will get reshelled into this and sold off as a rolling project and the ke16 will be stripped and kept for spares.

And although that sucks as the ke17 is ready for the road pretty much my hearts not in it and i need all the new parts for this.

50394056_347520736084035_2941418097946394624_n50551828_373090620174654_5082281839838625792_n50647920_277295196275578_1382118942549475328_n50442335_358435484979396_3400507779281059840_n (1)50494749_532628567237030_370963145763586048_n50306190_2194823417424621_5050517455718318080_n50405202_304641440186077_5416326864065003520_n50466412_408650576545531_3264682320468115456_n



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Not heaps to update! Engine bay has been fully stripped ready to be resprayed and the whole underside of car has been coated and resprayed black.

Currently making a gearbox crossmember to suit my K-T50 setup

At this stage still playing with ride height and wheel fitment before paint

Pretty happy with how it sits









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Been a long time since i was on here. A lot has happened but still a lot to go!

Car went off and had rust in engine bay repaired (was very little for it's age) and the engine bay has been resprayed factory colour. Pretty in love with the colour

7k and t50 are in and running and currently fitting all new balljoints, tie rods, control arms bushings and idler + pitman arms and having all the front end done in 2k black.

Car will soon be heading back to have the rest of the bodywork done and painted. 





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