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Gearbox modification


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Im curious about what engine its behind?

Most people get annoyed with a first, second and 5th gear thats too short is all.

To be honest I have the second tallest 5th gear ratio in my w box and its only about 70 rpm change at 100klm/hr so pretty much a negligible affect for the change.  Id suggest using the freely available speed in gear calculators online to see what sort of difference it would make overall before going to that effort.  You could begin to consider a 6 speed conversion depending on your engine, and have it all.

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Reality is I don't know, and i doubt anyone on here does know. you'll need to do your own investigation. The answer i suspect is "probably" followed by "we can do anything but you have to pay". Assuming you have the gears and they "bolt in" a gearbox is going to charge you qutie a few hrs to pull it appart and re-assemble (at ~$150/hr) and then the question is do you want to do synchros and bearings at the same time. a gearbox shop will be able to tell you if you can or not. 

here are my guesstimates

- you supply the gears and they "fit" - gearbox is going to charge around $700 to pull appart and re-assemble

-you supply of the gears and they need to be modified to fit - $1000

-custom made or new gears to fit - $1500-2000 including fitting

-an additional $1k to replace the synchros and bearings at the same time. 

Playing with gearboxes is expensive. 


First google search of your issue gave me this link:

id be looking at the info in there.





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I had a look at the 5th ratios.  I have the w57 .861, you have w56 .85, so slightly taller than mine already, the w58 is of course tallest at .783.  In my drive-line with 3.58:1 final drive and 6700rpm available, I was only able to calculate a 70 rpm drop at 100klm/hr.  While this would be good, 70 rpm isn't a whole lot of difference for the money spent on this exercise, which is why I asked about the engine, as there might be a more suitable box available.

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