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4K exhaust flange dimensions?


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Hello people, 

On my 5K, am planning to run a cast-iron exhaust manifold with the dual-downpipe exit.  This has a 3-bolt attachment, whose flange looks just like the one for a Subaru EJ20 (but I don't know if it is the same).  

Does anyone have a source for the Toyota flange in stainless?  Or has anyone made a drawing pattern of it?  Having a hell of a time finding the subaru flange dimensions to compare, or even the toyota gasket dimensions.  


(My van, but not my actual paint job)


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Why are we talking about subarus? 

The "donuts" will be ceramic round things that fit into grooves where the manifolds join and is squished together when you tighten it up. Pretty common, my old 4age 4-2-1 oem extractors was like this.  no need for a full stainless gasket like you have. If the manifolds do have the groove for the ceramic things to sit in. edit: just had a google and the ceramic things might be tapered and not require these for mentioned grooves. if you google "exhaust gasket donut" youll get the idea. 



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