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Quad headlight conversion


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Yeah, its a slanty. The usual quad lights fit straight onto a flatty, but your slanty has different panels from the screen forward, including the radiator front panel. So you either do the whole flatfront conversion and cut the radiator panel to suit around the headlights, its not a lot of cutting, or you just modify the front to make it like the blue one there.

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Someone years ago dissassembled the slanty lights, and painted the surrounds of the lens black. Didnt effect the light itself (as you dont paint the round bit). looked super cool. Main problem with the slanty lights is that they look enormouse. painting half the insides black made them look less enormous. 

Also here is another monstrosity of round lights on slanty,  This is my car! waaaay back when i was experimenting. just aweful. 





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