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Hey team, 

Has anyone ever had this issue before....

KE38 wagon headlights work fine dipped, they work fine when I pull the lever back to flush the high beams, even the centre blue light comes on indicating the lights are infact on beam....however when I push the lever forward to lock the high beams on the headlight turn OFF all together....


I think this this means I’ll be pulling my steering column apart one weekend for an inspection. 

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Hi Jamie,

                 Unfortunately, the problem you describe is very common.

The only way you can fix this problem is to purchase a new indicator "indicator stork" assembly.

In the Rollas, as designed and originally built, there are very few relays involved. The electrical current for head lights passes through all the switches.  In the case of high beam, the currents drawn are higher, & the associated switch contacts within the "indicator stork" assembly burn out.

You can buy replacement indicator storks on ebay, out of Singapore or Thailand, that are relatively cheap, & work well.

I remember replacing one in my KE30 several years ago, & it has been reliable.

I would however, suggest that you insert a relay or relays for the head lights, so that the "indicator stork" contacts don't burn out again.

Here is a link to this subject, from a post I did about 6 years ago, which covers your exact issue, in greater detail.

High Beam Headlight Issues

Cheers Banjo

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You can pull the indicator stalk apart to sand the contacts if you're keen, but the main thing is to put the headlights onto relays. There are kits made for this job on Ebay, either the $125 ones from Vic or wait for the $30 ones to turn up in Australia again.  I figure they are all made in China from the same components.


You can re-do the wiring with relays yourself, but its nowhere near as neat and tidy, and both methods mean there is no high-beam light unless you also find a resistor to put inline.  Check "The Girls KE70", it was one of the first jobs we did.

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