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KE30/55 Horn Steering Wheel Contact Ring

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Hi Folks,

               I've had Rollas for years, & the issue of the horn "not working" is a perennial (enduring or continually recurring) problem.

It always turns out to be the same thing.  The spring pressured brass pin, finally wearing out, until it loses contact with the brass ring on the back of the steering wheel.

I've tried everything over the years, filing the pin down in length, so it's pressure on the plate is minimal.  I've always used an electrical lubricant on the ring, (to stop is squeaking), but after a year or so,  there is no horn. 

Well it did it again last week, & this time, I am determined to find a new way to get the earth/ground connection from the steering wheel to the horn relay, so that it won't do it again.

Previously, I would just remove the ring, & lift it up a bit, by putting three very small washers behind the ring.

Not want to "reinvent the wheel", I'd be interested to hear how anyone else has finally resolved this issue.

I'm considering installing a tiny transmitter inside the steering wheel, that sends a wireless signal, to switch the horn relay.  That way, the steering wheel horn buttons would not need wiring to the car's electrical system at all.  A remote garage door key fob are cheap, & would do the job, & although battery powered, they are only powered when you push the button, & that's not very often. 

Anyone got any better ideas ?

Cheers Banjo


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I’m sure someone on toymods was remaking them for Celicas

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Foxau2 Reproductions - 1st Generation Celica



This guy.  Not sure if there is any crossover potential?

edit:  I suck at faceplant, but think I finally have the link right this time........


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