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Salvador Enriquez

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You'll find that question asked a few times in the forums.  Sadly the answer is that seeing the 4AGE was available, no-one bothered to do much for the poor old 4AFE.

How much do you want to spend?  New air filter system?  Quad throttle bodies?  Extractors and larger free-flow exhaust? I don't know who will grind the cams for them, but there's that to do. Really you could look at pulling the head off and porting it, like any petrol motor.

I'd say, first find out what holds the motor back. Somewhere must be someone who has found the weak link & made it better.

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Put a 7afe in its place.  1.8L > 1.6L. Should be a bolt in afair. and then put a turbo on it like they did for that ae112 sportivo rare one. 

All things considered the 7afe was a bit of a hoot to drive in an old ae112 i had. 

Cant imagine too many people made performance parts for the 7afe so its all going to be a custom job. 






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