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Cyprus & Toyota Cars


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I watched a documentary over the weekend, where a reporter & camera crew entered the UN demilitarised zone through the centre of the city of Nicosia, in Cyprus.  This zone was  apparently, put in place in the 1960-70s, by the UN; & is a no go zone, for those living on either side of it. 

It is a moment in time frozen; as nothing has be touched for 50+ years. As the reporter & film crew went through the zone, under UN military police  escort, they stopped & looked in some buildings.   They walked into an old Toyota dealership.  There were lots of olde Toyota Corollas therein, looking the worst for wear & tear of the elements.  What was incedible was that some of these Corollas, had mileage readings, on their speedo of 38 klms, & similar.  They were basically brand new, when the "no go" zone was created.


Maybe we should write to the UN, & see if we can't rescue a few of them ?

This world is full of strange things !

Cheers Banjo


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Don't rush, things are getting hot between Greece & Turkey these days-

Greek-Turkish escalation in the Aegean in 2023 – Turkey may intervene



Turkish provocation with an F-16 fighter flight over the occupied Pentadactylo



I use that site to keep up to date with Ukraine, but there's been plenty of poking each other by Greece and Turkey over the year. Turkey's invasion of Syria might keep them occupied over the next few months.



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Apparently,  Toyota has shown interest in funding, to retrieve them.   It was pointed out to Toyota, that the olde Toyotas, are not the UN's to give away.  They belong to someone, somewhere; & when the dispute is settled, they will be handed back to their rightful owners or "heirs"   (That's if the original owners are still alive)

Looks like I might have to hook up the trailer to my KE30, & head that way quickly, & start taking them out; to a safe place  (Orange NSW ?)


N.B.  The UN peacekeepers looked like nice guys; & I'm sure we'd find an Aussie amongst them ?

Cheers Banjo

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Hi Pete,



The story is an old one, and tantalising!

Yes, 50+ years olde !  Apparently, the climate there is pretty dry, hence the vehicles have not suffered from major rust issues.

What a waste.   So many enthusiasts all over the world, would gladly take on restoring these all, to their former glory.

P.S.   We've got the boys here at Claytons Towing, in Qld. , just rearing to go, as soon as the UN gives us permission ?


Cheers   Banjo




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