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Forged pistons

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Hey guys n girls, I’m pretty new to this type of stuff so sorry in advance to all if I muck up. I’m building a 7afe turbo 4 my 112 & forged pistons are near impossible to find, anyone out in Rolla land know of any in oz ? I have found some in China but you have to buy 7 sets 4 $2,500(approx). Ok they work out for $400 a set but wtf am I gonna do with 7 sets? I’ve got Spool rods, balanced the crank, new bearings, seals,….etc. I’m pushing almost 20 psi into a fresh one built in January this year (2024) with 40thou over hypatec pistons, again new seals etc… siruda head gasket (stopper) & holy hell what a lot of fun 😝. I’ve blown 2 motors in 2 years (bending rods in 1, hole in number 3 piston through the oil control ring in the other). So, any help from anyone out there would be greatly appreciated. 👍✌️

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