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  1. We are looking at just local pickup for these mate. The asking price is less than what 2 of the tyres have cost. Thanks Samm
  2. For Sale: 1 set of 4x Globe style rims that were on my KE70 with 4x114.3 stud pattern. I have a feeling they were off a Laser but the offset doesn't impede on anything. Overall the rims are in good condition. The alloy could do with polish up and the gold sections are in good nick. The tyres are 195/65/14 and were only driven on for a couple of months so they are practically brand new. Chasing about $120ono for the set of 4 with centre caps and wheel nuts. Pickup from Blacktown in Sydney. I am posting this up for my brother so for any questions please call Josh on 0420 907 255 Thanks
  3. I saw this on ebay not that long ago. Looks nice. I drive one as my daily. Samm
  4. Here's something I prepared earlier. Finished restoring mine last September, the funnest car ever. Samm
  5. I found a couple of photos, not the best indication of the colour but just so you have an idea. I know its a bit different with flat panels but would still look awesome. Kind of in the dark/shade In the sun I took this when driving obviously but it shows the blue. Actually looks a bit 'milky' but its just the reflection and my shitty camera etc. Samm
  6. Hey Mate, Pano is looking great. I wanted a similar blue for when I painted my moke. I ended up using a PPG colour which is a Maserati Blue, sorry I forgot to write down the paint codes and actual name when i picked it off the paint chip but its a deeper blue than Audi and the Ford blue and is also a pearl metallic. I don't have a great photo of my moke paint wise in the sun so you can see it light up but its an awesome hue, comes up really full and deep in the sun and in the shade has a deeper blue appearance. Just if you were on the hunt for a darker blue. Samm
  7. Hey Mate, Post up some more photo's of the car and the engine, I'm sure a few people would be interested in having a look. From the the two photo's you've uploaded i have the feeling that this was a KPROLN ae71 from Sydney, it had a 4AGZE in it at that stage too... Someone correct me if I'm wrong. Samm
  8. Chances are you wont get rid of it completely. With mine my boot lid 'popped' off the bracing so i filled that gap with silicone, i put on a new boot seal, made sure the taillights and every other bolt i could tighten was tightened and at the end of the day it was the whole rear panel (with tailights etc) that managed to rattle, and I'm not the biggest bass whore. I found that removing the melomine (sorry spelling) sheet from behind the rear seat increased the bass in the car and did lessen the boot rattle a bit.
  9. Pretty much everyone has advised you on what i was going to say. But with all the stuff we've polished here we found its a progressive thing, start with something rougher and work your way to something more fine. We start with a wet and dry sand paper as someone said to get that clear coat off, then depending on how bad the surface is we go with say autosol with steel wool, then autosol with a rag, Mothers have a great mag and aluminuim polish that we use next, then if its still needs a hit we throw a bit of that purple polish on there. Sounds like overkill but it doesnt really take that long once you get into it. Dad's polished up alot of the crappy looking alloy things such as his alternator and they've come up great. Someone mentioned a power drill attachment as well, we got a few attachements that we use in the die grinder to help get into the harder to reach places, like the holes in your rims. I found that if i took them off the car one at a time and when i was sitting in front of the television i'd just start polishing, makes the process that bit less boring and your in luck, bathurst is on weekend after next. If you do it properly the first time its alot easier to maintain the shineyness later on. Gotta love the look of a tonner with shiney rims, the centrelines look tough as. Had them on mine for a while but didnt have the width i wanted under the arse :y: and IMHO the standard WB front is probably the ugliest one to ever be seen on a holden, not a fan but your tonner looks tidy none the less. Sorry to go off subject.
  10. Hi Guys, I know this isnt a corolla or anything similar but i figured i'd get this out there as its being a pain in my arse sitting here not being sold. I have a 1978 HZ Vacationer Wagon. I was recently told that only 2500 Vacationer wagons were ever released making this kinda not really that rare. I bought it as a project car to build up as a bit of a nats/weekender car but considering my options as a 19yo uni student with no money it isnt a realistic or happening thing. Overall the car is in great condition for its age. Minimal rust which is all repairable. Is running a 308 (5 litre) and trimatic which was transplanted for the original 253 not that long ago (i have papers and stuff). Apart from the engine swap and alloy rims and minor interior changes such as recarpetting over the back panels shes original. I'm officially the 4th owner. I bought it off a guy who had bought it off the original owners son-in-law and left it in his shed for 2 years so it hasnt seen the road since 2005. Ive listed it on ebay and it didnt reach my reserve last time so its up there again. I'm only trying to get my money back on it. I have a full write up on ebay http://cgi.ebay.com.au/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vi...em=150296909461 with photos etc. I'm chasing around about the $1800 mark which is a bargain for a wagon in this condition. And it will come with a few other goodies such as a nearly complete full set of chrome for her, premier rear seat with fold down arm rest and anything else i can find to throw in. The wagon is located in my front yard, which is in my street, in Blacktown, Sydney, NSW, Australia... you get the drift. Any questions are welcome. I suggest viewing the car so there are no miscommunications or anything with condition etc. So please if you know anyone in the market for one of these old girls or that should be or anyone who will just buy it please forward on my number as i'd like to see it go to someone who will do right by it. If your interested shoot me through a pm or preferably give me a call on 0405 133 944 and ask for Samm at any reasonable time and if i don't answer ill try and get back to you.-please do not call at 11.30pm on a monday night like some guy did. Thanks guys.
  11. why not just grab a spare set of taillight lenses and use them to get it insured and then change them after?? Or does it null the insurance or something if your in a prang with the tinted lenses? btw man your attention to detail is crazy kudos to you.
  12. Hey mate, good to see someone socking away the dollars and doing sensible modifications in the right spots. Just wandering where you got your eyelids though? Thanks Samm
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