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  1. Pickup Clayfield, QLD. I'm not on these forums anymore so please PM
  2. Oil Cooler, previously used on 1JZ Soarer - $50 KE55 steering wheel, great condition - $30
  3. As above, ke55 steering wheel, great condition - $40 Oil cooler - $60 Pics to come Pickup Brisbane inner-north side or post
  4. Somebody on EBay is selling an orange GTS for the measly starting price of $43,375.00, bahaha. http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/TOYOTA-86-GTS-AUTOMATIC-2012-SPORTS-COUPE-1-MONTH-OLD-Less-than-1000-kms-/200797097556?pt=AU_Cars&hash=item2ec0708e54 I've been scouting the oz gt86 forums though, people have been selling their places in waiting ques, etc. It's ridiculous. However the experience of throwing this 86 around the Hobart Domain (Targa Tasmania stage) was priceless, what a car!
  5. Just ordered a black GTS. 18 month wait. FML. I'm counting the days.
  6. Sellig a 32/36 DGV, K engine adaptor, and air filter. Came off my 4K, ran like a dream. $200 for the lot.
  7. Porn as man. Looks so good hitting up the cruise. Did it ever spend any time in the GYC workshop? Did you ever do automotive there? The old man brought my '55 in for a bit of TLC when the 4K went bang. Phil and the boys are insane, reconditioned the 4K and had it back together in a week of classes.
  8. Selling 4x114.3 hotwires. 14x6 I think. Came off my KE55. Good condition, with fresh black painted centres. $200ono. Hobart area
  9. Haha, sounds good, theyre rated for a 1.6-2.0 anyway aren't they? Came with a 4K adapter plate too - win. What is a 200b carby? Hitachi SU?
  10. Hmm so I thought. Oh well, for what I'm paying for the lot you could pick up only extractors, so it's major win in any case :)
  11. Urban disturbance is happening mate! I am going to pick up a Weber 32/36 DGV and adapter plate, and a set of extractors this afternoon. Now, carb options - I will now have three carbs to choose from. Stock Aisin, modified Aisin, or Weber 32/36. I have always held the opinion that a 32/36 would be too big, but it has been jetted to suit a 4K, so i'll just see how it runs. If it isn't any good, I'll just slap on the stockie.
  12. Well disaster has struck. Big time. The poor little 4K finally went bang. Lost all compression coming off the Tasman bridge (and lucky it was off the bridge, as it attracts a fine around $400ish), and spluttered to death in a pool of what looked to be a mixture of coolant, oil, and general 31-year-old sludge. I thought twice about having it towed to the wreckers and decided it deserved another chance, so I had it towed to the workshop at a college where my Dad teaches. It was either there, home (where I'd probably let it sit and rot), or to the wreckers, where I'd be lucky to get $100 for it. It was out in a matter of hours, the benefits of having a hoist and engine crane handy! (Damn I need to spray the rest of my car - two tone snot!) Pulling the head off revealed all kinds of bad - a cracked piston, warped head, and generally a complete mess. Was time to can the old 4K. Luckily I picked up a decent 4K from Leigh a few months back with a measly 125,000kms on it, and it was compete minus fuel pump, dizzy, and flywheel. Over the last week the new 4K has been completely dismantled, de-carbonised and cleaned, a full regrind gasket kit put through, timing chain kit, and any decent components left from the old motor have been swapped. I was heading out to pick up a K50 yesterday but the @rsehole sold it without telling me, so I'll stick with the K40 now for high-revving highway action. With the bad news comes the good - hopefully by the end of next week I'll have a healthy 4K without the concern of any further hassles, and I can focus on the bodywork - some bolt-on flares arrived from Megat, so I'll be cutting out the remnants of the rust-converted, sorry looking rear guards, and fitting the TE27 replicas. It would have been more logical to fit the TE37 reps, but I prefer the look of the TE27 flares (TE37s looked way to fat), plus I've seen TE27s fitted to KE30s/55s with minimal modification. And probably the best news - there will be a Toyota 86 GTS in the garage (albeit, in about 6-9 months). It's not mine - the old man was sold after a test drive and a thrash around the Hobart domain - the same road as the old Targa Tasmania circuit. Might have to lay some cash down on one myself.
  13. snotyellowke55

    New Here...

    Welcome. Nice wags man! Love the hang ring and fender mirrors - I've followed the same kind of influence with my ke55 build. Subscribed :)
  14. Fitted the seat last night, looks the goods and is 100 times more supportive than the old vinyl pew!
  15. Careful Dave, haven't you heard water is also a very dangerous substance?
  16. "NNNNNOOOOOOOSSSSSSS!!!" But seriously, this has a lot to answer to.
  17. After a long period of time working on my Soarer and getting it ready for sale, I have neglected anything to do with the KE, but I just splurged out on a few more bits today in order to revive the build. I had a change of heart re. the GZ seats - adapting the rails / adapting the seats to the KE55 rails would have been a PITA, plus the seats were too wide to really fit in the '55 properly (Should have taken a hint from Jono_C when they didn't fit in his KE10!). Sold the seats on to some dude with a Hiace Camper of all things. - Picked up an immaculate S13 CA drivers seat (in fact it is in such good condition, the autocorrected word on this particular forum is warranted - yes it is M.I.N.T.) Picking up a passenger one on the weekend from someone else, said to be in similar condiiton. Thanks to Chillin and Crowie55 for the inspiration there. - Sourced some bolt-on guards from Megat on these forums. Was going to go the TE37 guards but I don't like the look or width, so I ended up sourcing some TE27 replicas and will modify the guards to fit. My guards will be cut a little bit all round, as all four corners scrape (the rears on big bumps, and the fronts on full-lock) and I'm only running 13x7s, albeit with fat offset. Hopefully I will have a flush stance after these are fitted. - Bought an original JAF badge to fit on the front grille, just because. - Also sick of breaking my neck every time I drive - car is about 3.5 inches lower all round, and I'm still running standard shocks in the rear (stupidly). Sourced some VN commodore wagon shockies with much shorter stroke to hopefully rectify this problem. - And for laughs, sourced myself one of these: Yep, a NOS pillow, haha. Stay tuned, plenty more mods to come
  18. All sold, thanks guys. I might look into personally bringig some in from Japan so if anybody is interested let me know!
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