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  1. hey people have some parts to sell... 1. universal tails to fit utes $45, trailers or any thing else you could think of.. comes as a set with a number plate light/bracket 2. Mud flaps $25, i have few sets of each of these brands, mazda,toyota,holden,mitsubishi 3. water tank to fit on a ute $40, i have 2 of these comes with a lil pump bottle and brackets 4. deck hooks $35, i have 2 sets of these they come with all stuff to mount them to your deck or trailer 5. truck tail lights $30, i have one set of these think these are brand new 6. universal tail light set $20, these are differnt to the other sets i have and i only have one set. all tail lights are Koito of japan.
  2. hey mate you keen on swaps ? I'm keen on ur car don't need the wheels tho.
  3. hey cheers dude will give him a ring, I'm always down those ways.
  4. hey people can any one help me, i want to respary just the outside of my car the orignal color to tidy it up, is there any one around who can help do this on the cheap ? i have cash but would like to the keep the cost down. ive been to panel shops an they quote like 7g for a full strip down an paint (not what I'm after) if any one knows of a panel shop who can do this for a good price let me know. cheers
  5. hey people I'm after parts for my corona, its a 73 but i think other years fit the car, i don't mind shipping parts depending on price an condition of them. 1. set of tail lights in good condition, 2. rev gauge 3. the plastic pice that gos above the radio. 4. Any parts people may have for RT80 or RT81 corona's cheers let me know what you have people :)
  6. hey have my toyota corona forsale its tidy for its age and is orignal condition. Body : the body is prity straight few little dents, no structial rust, theres a a couple of little dots of surface rust on the boot lid and the paint is coming off around the drivers c piller. there is a little bit of paint peal on the boot aswell. all in all the paint work is still in very good condition for the age of the car. All door locks work well, windows work well as well. Engine Bay : the engine has just has $825 spent on it getting the clutch master cylinder and slave cylinder rebuilt, new oils and filters. the carb needs to be adjusted as is over fuels so not to sure whats going on there. Running Gear : the gearbox is standard 4 speed, diff is standard as well, the front is coil springs and rear is leafs which are all standard. the brakes are in good condition and this car has disk brakes up front with drums in the rear end. Interior : the interior is prity tidy with orginal carpets, the seats are in great condition with only a few lil rips, the door cards are in great condition with no rips or marks at all. the car has just had a new jvc head unit put in an works very well. I have all a the orginal paper work for the car with orignal owners manual, i also have a work shop manual for it as well, the car comes with a good condition spare tyre,wheel jack and tools. Price : I'm after $2800ono, but I'm also after swaps depending on what you have. any questions please ask, ive tried to put up everything i know about the car, as many photos as i could, cheers
  7. parts are still forsale people $2000 for the lot bargin price for brand new gards and nos quads etc bumpers etc etc need them gone asap come get then someone !!!!!!!!!!!
  8. $2000 for all the parts, thats for everything full quad front conversion hit me up people need these gone this is a score!!!
  9. hey mate how much for a drivers door handle ?
  10. $1200 for the car $1200 for the all the quad head light panels brand new panels $1200 for the quads, grill, chrome bumpers, end caps etc etc i have a set of new alan keya and a socket set to that someone can have when they buy the parts, need these gone in the next 2 weeks guys these parts are gen toyota parts neva been used ...like i said open to swaps of stuff if you have old mini parts i could be intrested, cheers
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