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  1. G'day guys, so me and a mtae took the plunge and grabbed a set of dcf40 dellortoes to replace our aging 32/36. The probelms wever encountered have been numerous, mainly in the way of vacuum leak. the redline mainfold, whilst it does fit, it doesnt fit without fouling on our extractors, and we bent two manifold studs last time we placed the manbifold on the car and torqued it up. So, I have machined the intake manifold to fit on the head without fouling, and the mainifold itself has been machined to the extractor thickness yet I'm still getting the increasing revs after closing the throttle that indicate a lean run / vacuum leak. What i really want to know is, to fit twin sidedraughts, what was required with regards too jetting and machining of the manifold? (machining mostly, our jetting shouldn't be too far off... we have the book) TLDR. Have you run twin sidedraughts and if so, what did you have to modify on the manifold to make it work? Cheers, Token
  2. As the title says, chasing the lower thermostat housing from a k series motor. cheers, token
  3. Try Harris Engines in ozzy park.
  4. So, a while back I was given an EWP80, made by Davies Craig, moves 80l / min and meant I could remove my water-pump, liberating most likely, about 1/2 a horsepower. So, as you do, I installed it, set it too run continuously, and drilling out my water-pump impeller in the process. Now I don't currently have the electric pump controller, so I wired it up to run continuously, which is fine, except, its too bloody effective. The instructions said that when running continuously in a raod car, it was best to drill a 5mm hole in the thermostat, which I assume in to alleviate any pressure buildup (as it's a positive displacement pump?) but now, i can drive the old ke30 for a good 15 - 20minutes untill it even shows as warm (80 degrees). I have another thermo, but I've held off swapping it, because I mistakenly thought the temp sender was on the outlet side of the thermo housing. after looking tonight, I've realized its not, but I'f i swap to a non drilled thermo, do I risk burning out the pump, or bursting the rad lines due to pressure buildup? The standard pump is a non displacement, but... the electric I'm not so sure about. The temperature gauge is an aftermarket smiths unit, and pretty reliable from all accounts, but the corolla doesn't feel like its driving cold... which due to an encounter with perths 'carby' bloke, is pretty easy to determine due to him removing the choke. anyone got any experience with electric water pumps on the old k engines? should I swap back to an undrilled thermo, and see if it heats up properly, or maybe drill a smaller bypass hole?
  5. It depends what your actually getting with your 32/36 with "everything" needed. Because if its just a standard 32/36 they are generally tuned for 1.8-2l engines (Ford pinto's). I drilled a hole into my 32/36 adaptor and tapped a 5/16th hose barb and just run the PCV outlet into that, mainly to stop the engine spitting oil everywhere (which it does if you don't connect the PCV to vacuum but still have a breather)
  6. Alright, as mentioned above, you need an adaptor plate and an aircleaner. Also, your better off running the PCV gear, as it stops the engine spewing oily gas all over your engine bay. To fit the weber you need an adaptor plate, so drill and tap that adaptor plate to fit a hose barb, and run the pcv off that. Then, your going to want to rejet the carb smaller to suit the 4k. something like 130-135 jets and 190-195 air correction is a good starting point.(If you care enough I can find out exactly the jets in my weber, whilst unintoxicated, to give you a starting point) Once you've decided the carby doesn't do enough, bore the 4k, throw a big cam in, deck the head and drop a set of extractors on. because YOLO, right? (that's right kids, I'm hip as shit) Tok(e's)
  7. Pacemakers still for sale? Interested if they are
  8. G'day Fella's My Girlfriend made me a shirt for my Birthday last year, and Its pretty sweet, sweet enough a few mates with ke's have been nagging me for the image she used so they can order one, so I figured I'd post it on here as well. http://www.redbubble.com/people/dawso12/works/9954553-1978-toyota-corolla?body_color=white&p=t-shirt&print_location=front&style=mens the image was of the 'Rolla hammering through a set of S's at the local khana course and came up a treat. enjoy Token (p.s apparently website sizes are on the small side)
  9. G'day all, Looking for a set of GH Sigma LCA's. also, if anyone's wrecking a shell, a set of windscreen washer jets (the metal ones that poke through the firewall in the engine bay, and are secured by a screw) cheers.
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