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  1. Hi guys, have been following these forums for years now. Such a great source of info. Makes for great reading and keeps me motivated to keep my own build going. I have a ke11 with a warm twin carb 4K that I'm converting from toyoglide to k50. I'm chasing a flywheel to suit. I'm base in Melbourne - any help much appreciated. Can contact me in here or text 040 333 9876 Cheers Nic
  2. Not yet, but will post some pics over next couple of days
  3. I'm doing similar thing right now on 4k. Msd 6AL to msd blaster2 and electronic dizzy. Installed and wired it up but haven't cranked her over yet. I'm new to this stuff so keen to hear peoples thought and/or experiences.
  4. I have heard mazda rx5 inserts will fit with 20mm spacer. its approx 25mm shorter at extended length so might suit a lowered spring or ke20 spring with ke20 top hat? Anyone confirm this?
  5. Hey Joel, in bris mate. Thanks heaps for that. Sent u a text
  6. Hi all, I'm putting a new windscreen in my ke10 and am chasing the locking strip and corner locks. Rare Spares have ke20 strips, does anyone know if these will fit? Does anyone know of what corner locks will fit? (i've currently only got 1! bah) or of where to get some ke10 ones? Any help would be much appreciated! Nic
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