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  1. A bit of a sneak peak of whats to come in the next few months 8kg springs, ae86 brakes and will be buying some adjustable camber plates. Got these did this
  2. Shit, forgot i had an account on here. Well, should probably do some sort of update. TBH, not a whole lot of work has been done in the last couple of months, work has been pretty busy. But moved it out to our new house, and work has begun. Took out the engine cross member and it is with Todd getting the steering rack moved forward. While that is away i have chucked my Ae71 pedal box in, and also got a overrated black dash off a mate, so onece it is all back together it will be going in. Also got a pair of bucket seats and harnesses off the same mate. And picked up a alloy radiator from the guys at Fenix Radiators. Awesome quality. Just need to make some mounts up for it. Oh and scored a Nardi for $100, so that is most of my interior sorted.
  3. Took the wagon to the Keto Drift day yesterday Was working late the night before putting the knuckles and LCAs out of Todds Te71 into this, and had to do an alignment when i got to Mere Mere, but that was all good. Borrowed a pair of A3As from a mate and spent the rest of the day trying out the new knuckles and trying to get my confidence up a bit, still need to work on that haha. There was a little bit of carnage though, with the castle nut that holds the knuckle onto the LCA somehow snapping the split pin and unwinding itself, causing an embarrassing drive back to the pits. Then after that was fixed, the next run i snapped an axel which ended my day. And while loading it onto the trailer, spotted some coolant at the bottom of the radiator, which i traced back to a hole in the radiator, unsure how it got there but will have to get a new one now. All in all a good day, with a fair few improvements to the car planned now.
  4. I live out in Beachlands, will wave out if i see you one day.
  5. Can't believe i havent seen this around yet, i know a few of the spots youve taken photos. Looking good as always
  6. Quick vid of the door flying open causing the dent at the back of the guard
  7. After a shit start to the day with trailer problems and a few other things, got down to Meremere for a drift day. Spent a few hours and with a lot of help from a few people, got it running right at around 2 30. The new leaf springs have helped heaps but there is still a little bit of axel tramp at times, although i can now throw it round and it will drift/ swing os, a lot easier. Need to get more confident with my driving and do a few more things to the car, but i am a happy man. Also i hit the wall, but its only cosmetic so not bothered/will leave as is.
  8. Picked up a diff from a people mover/Estima from Pick a Part the other week. Excuse the photos taken from Mr Potato Camera Finally got a moment at work to get grinder happy Todd will be welding the mounts on to suit my car, and i will probably have to get it shortened, as its 150mm wider than standard. And redrill the axels. On a sad note, after a quick measure, i don't think my MK3s will fit over the brakes but will wait and see when they get here. Peace.
  9. they must have had their full licence for more than 2 years as well, and must be in the passenger seat, and must be sober.
  10. A video of my first ever run at Hori Dori
  11. Wow i thought my wagon was dodgy, good luck with getting it to an acceptable standard.
  12. Very nice. Did you do the conversion yourself?
  13. A couple more of that same wagon And how it is now.
  14. Car doesn't look a lot different from the first picture, as my wheels arent here yet. But i bought myself an early christmas present Guards are pretty rubbish condition, but i didn't pay a lot for them so can't complain. Going to be buying a weld in coilover kit so suspension should be sorted by the next drift day.
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