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  1. Are they honda rims???
  2. Thanks mate, i was wondering if i could run off the existing sender or not. I was too concerned about putting gauges in the corolla originally but i have a double DIN pod up on my dash that is perfect for a gauge cluster. It will fit 3 gauges across, i just need to decide on the 3 to use, being non turbo i don't have a lot of choice.
  3. Hi guys, am looking at putting some gauges in and have a few questions, i was wondering if any of you have any advice. Probably looking at oil pressure, oil temp, volts, and maybe air/fuel. Have had a bit of a look online about installing the oil gauges and they mention an "oil filter sandwich plate" which is kinda like a spacer plate between the motow and oil filter with 2 blank sensor holes in it. Has any of you put one in? Do they work? Ive heard of erratic idling and pressure afterwards. Volt gauge is no problem. Put one in before. Piece of cake. Air/fuel apparently only works effectivly if you have a wideband sensor. Is it worth it if its only the narrowband sensor? I have an AE112. 7A-FE motor. Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Hit up the "toyota corolla ae112" facebook page, one of the admins seems to know a bit about the sportivos.
  5. Are the eBay ones alright? How do they look compared to the genuine ones. Seen a photo of you car on "toyota corolla e11" on Facebook, I saw it because I admin a page for AE112 fans, and we've shared a bit in the past
  6. Looks great mate. Ive given up getting foglights for mine. Too rare and too expensive.
  7. Looks good mate. Another one with spoiler risers, no wonder i can't find any lol. Score on the wheelarch flares. Unique.
  8. Looking good mate. Nice to see another 112. Keep us posted.
  9. thanks for the comments guys. I'm thinking of not worrying about the spoiler risers now, as having the top spoiler makes the bottom one look better, the risers look better by themselves. jaaay, no good with the part number, had a look through my owners manual and couldn't find the receipt anywhere.
  10. New top spoiler on the rear window thanks jaay.
  11. Its a long shot, but do u still have the spoiler, or at least the spoiler risers?
  12. AE112 fan page. facebook.com/corollaae112

  13. You said you didn't have it on for long, do you have a photo of it when it was on?
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