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  1. Nice work! I just picked my self up one! Any spares let me know! Cheers
  2. Anyone have a pedal box for a ta22/27-ra23/28 celica? Parts needed

  3. Hey bud still got spares? Interested in the box and carbies!
  4. Well it seems she's sold 4k no reg :( sad to see her go since over 20k spent but I've had no offers last weekend to grab a beauty at the cheapest price
  5. Or if can be sold by the end of may will accept $4800!
  6. Well I've dropped the price since the last guy left a deposite and never returned! I need it gone due to new car now hit me up if your interested 0402938278 $5500 with all spares and a new grill.
  7. No kings wood springs are too heavy guys they'll sit ur car up to Jesus, and if u cut them ill be left with like four springs travel worth! Try cortina or anything early small with double a arm suss! I had mine made but were based on a rear Torana spring but that took for ever to match my best bet to look at rear springs!
  8. Rt80 corona for sale

  9. Hey guys I've got money issues and I'm longer able to afford to keep up my coronas needs, complete ground up resto 12 months ago just finished spent well over 20k on her, bare metal respray, 5 speed supra box conversion with hardened geared box, an 8rb engine putting out 108hp at the rear wheels, motor done 4000kms (just ran in) twin delorto webbers for an amazing Subaru like sound, lumpy cam, great note from the exhaust. Interior, late model lancer seats and re trimmed dash, old celica wheel and pistol grip shifter with starter switch. Hard to believe the amount of work in this, under body gloss with blue high lights, eg; springs, sway bars, new Pedders sports shocks and lovels springs, every bush , bearing and bolt was replaced so cannot fault! Everything works like new apart from being fast haha, This is a sweet ride and hate to sell her but if your looking for a clean corona, check her out! Have hundreds of pics to share... Looking for $6000 as is with everything rego the lot has damage to left hand fender nothing bad but will repair if needed but will be asking $7500, just some paint on the guard and its new, I've recently replaced the grill that was cracked.
  10. Well I've decided I'm way in dept and need to sell my corona, if you guys know anyone, looking for $6000 as is or ill fix it and sell for $8k ! I've got a grill coming from the states, cost me a handful so alls needed is to straighten out that guard not 2 grands worth of work but looking to sell in the next few weeks...
  11. Hey I found some headlight rings with the eye lids to fit mine perfectly looks amazing for a last touch
  12. Nice man... I wish I was running whitewalls... Mines too loud for that tho hehe
  13. Well I took my grill off today only the left hand side is broke so I can reuse my right side. It got me thinking today I was going to see in a billet grill would look any good? And I've gotta buy some new guard mirrors, can't find mirror glass for the broken one anywhere! :( Can't sleep over this thing now haha so undecided on what to do! But to make myself feel better I put a new hurst magnum shifter in it and converted her to push button start...
  14. Hey what grill is that ? It looks awesome! My corona was an import and yeah came out with an 8r but I made the twin carb manifold to turn it into the 8tb, super hard to find bits that's why I'd recomend the 18r motor came out in celica, corona, hilux and a great fit with a gods amount of torque! If your serious about a big motor I looked into every thing you need to run a remote brake and clutch cylinder, make a custome sump as you look under the car that stupid big front/mid crossmember is in the way for most, and the drag link on the rear, so dry custom sump is needed and the engine mounts, the inner guards cut to fit most exhausts to breath, and then you will have to change the gear box and rear crossmember anyways! The weight difference over the front axel for the 1jz is rediculous compared to a 4 cylinder so it won't turn into corners, so I ruled out that option as Mine handles like its on rails! If I had the time and glens welding skills and patients I'd look at a holden 202 tripple carb coz there cheap and mod the crap out of the car but hey depends what you want out of the Rona.
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