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  1. Ke70dave I have a vaccume block, Littleredspirit how do you adjust tps correctly?
  2. I have a m48 motec just trying to gather the funds to wire it up so just trying to get going so its drive able till then
  3. Gday just wondering if anyone could help me out! Iv pulled a bigport 4age, ecu and loom out of a running ae82 and put it in my ke70 along with 20v quad throttles. It starts if u give it some throttle but runs like shit and doesn't idle, any help would be much appreciated. Cheers
  4. i have a ke 70 starter if u still need one
  5. i am putting a 4age&t50 into my ke70 and i was wondering if i can use the front of an ae86 2 piece tailshaft and the rear of a ke70 tailshaft?
  6. if u still have them would u be willing to post to coffs harbour? let me know on 0402686319
  7. ok awesome and are all the parts in that package still there?
  8. gday was just wondering if you still have that package for sale?
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