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  1. I saw some very similar items for sale on gumtree in WA a few weeks ago. I'm 99% certain it was the same guy as he was advertising a diff and the wording was basically word for word the same as the diff here, as well as the same price. The diff was only up for a few days before it was removed so I presume it sold. The seller was last here on the 16th September so I don't think he'll be answering anytime soon.
  2. Just wondering what's happening here? Have made payment but not received anything?
  3. My first car was a pintara trx with a KA24E and my second car was a 180SX with an SR20DET. I've also driven a friends SR20DE pulsar and personally I'd go that option over the KA if you want non turbo. The KA isn't terrible, or maybe it is and i was just impressionable. Either way $1100 for the single cam version is a little rich.
  4. In my opinion $4,500 for panel and paint is cheap. I've been quoted 8K+ just for panel work on a KE10 which I had stripped myself and most spray shops want anything from 5K to 10K for a full respray. If you want full panel and paint hunt around for a one man type shop. They're usually more willing to take on full restoration jobs and not charge like a wounded bull.
  5. Picking up at a depot would be fine by me. I'm in Toowoomba Qld 4350.
  6. I'm interested in the diff but seeing as you're in Perth and I'm near Brisbane I assume the freight would be horrendous?
  7. http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/south-toowoomba/cars-vans-utes/toyota-corolla-ke30/1079907737 Sure its tidy, but $12,000?
  8. I think it is about right. Personally I wouldn't pay that much but I like a bargain. Having said that if its as good in the flesh as it is in the pictures and you're really keen on one I think it's a fair price or close enough to.
  9. I'm not sure if anyone saw the silver Corona in the original post go up for auction on ebay? It ended up selling for $6,100.
  10. Michael, also interested in KE10 seat skins and door cards if that's in the works? Thanks, Matt.
  11. I've noticed that Celica before and scoffed at the price. In my opinion they are by far the ugliest of that Celica era and I'll never understand how they fetch/command decent money. I spotted the Corona recently as well. It looks decent in the pictures and being that they are rare I think its worth $6500 all day. I've seen a couple in the last 12 months that were "barn finds" or decent survivors but nothing special and they were advertised at over $7000.
  12. Yawn indeed. I haven't watched in quite some time but it has been dead for years. It used to be about the cars. Now its about a stupid race between a train, a car and a cyclist. Miraculously they all turn up at the same spot within seconds of each other. It really makes for great television when that happens.
  13. I don't see it as a phallus measuring contest at all. You like what you like and others like what they like. People getting upset about who is right may need to have a look at themselves. I don't really see how drifting is a sport. Sure they're talented but who wins seems to be a matter of opinion unless its really clear cut. For a circuit car its mostly about making it handle and power is somewhat of an after thought. On the street, to me, that all goes out the window.
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