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  1. Well it did not take as long as I though it would have, I've been at work since the event so I'm happy that I got it done this quick Here it is.. http://www.youtube.c...u/0/qMhfcACjLjw I've got most of the cars that were there in the video if your car is not in it I'm sorry as I got distracted by talking to awesome people. Any feed back you want to give to me would be much appreciated. Happy days, Craig
  2. Bumping this old thread up.. I went out last night. Its been a long time since I went out just to take pics... __________________
  3. do you have a part number or something for this? Thanks, Craig
  4. Well its in... Big thanks to Chris and Kevin who came over and helped put the pedal box back in, and then placed the motor in to line up the holes that needed to be drilled in the mounts for the rubber mounts. But the headers that I got don't fit as there in line with the steering knuckle so I'm going to have to get custom ones made to fit...
  5. So this is were Ive been stuck on for awile.. This is a KE35 pedal box.. Needed to some how make this TA22 clutch master cylinder fit.. Grind this away.. check the swing/throw drilled a hole to put a bolt through and then realized that the bolt should be as far back as possible, I was to concerned about keeping the rod striate and not about the amount it was pushing in. Now I have to try and put the pedal box back in Happy days, Craig
  6. As in can I do an RA40? if so PM me if your in Sydney. or did you mean is that dash an RA40 that dash was a KE70
  7. GO THE SEDANS I had one for years heres a long full of shit thread.. http://www.twincam.info/index.php?showtopi...5&hl=puzzle this is what I did with my dash.. Thread how I did it... http://www.rollaclub.com/board/index.php?showtopic=14435&hl=dash were you've painted the boot you can get a CSi garnish (the bit be tween the tail lights) for about $50 at the wreckers like this.. any way keep up the good work
  8. made this for my KE35.. got 4 rings and hot glued them in.. made shore that they sat right be for glassing.. then fiber glassing... then bog.. then bit of sanding some primer and then some paint and finished... just waiting on my oil pressure gauge for the empty hole
  9. thats like asking that to the young twats down at the high school the little clowns its like when you go to the circus and you see the clowns and there not funny but your not laughing because there not funny your not laughing because you feel a little sad for them on the inside because they have ADIS, and they want to donk you up the bum but you have to say no, not because there not funny but because they have aids but you want to say yes because your said for them, and then you hear that music you know that music these young high school people play and take uppers too and then after about 10hrs they have some downers and its that soft music like in the 70s when every body was on LSD like the clowns in the 60s before they had adis, then the high school kids pop some sidewaysers jump in a cab home and get raped by the cab driver who is actually a clown in the day time at the circus and has AIDS, and then have to go to the doctor to get the mooring after pill and thats another pill, the doc asks how many pills have you had tonight? that would be scary if he asked that. scarer than a not so funny clown that had AIDS and wants to donk you up the bum :) .
  10. ha ha and wile I'm at I will get you my license number, address and passport number as well..
  11. Well that statement is wrong in its self.. I said If I had said then your right to say I'm wrong. Now Would you like a pic of my build plate? As this is a 1979 KE35. Thanks for playing, Craig
  12. the grill is factory, people refer to it as the honeycomb grill and apparently it only come out on the 79 KE35
  13. Take one tired old 4K out.. Done. Clean, remove rust, clean again, then primer, paint matt black the engine bay.. Done. Getting 4AGE ready to go in... sort of done
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