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  1. Hey there guys up for sale is my mums 1984 Toyota Corona Station Wagon (automatic) unreg It has 155,889 km on the clock, run and drives beautifully Body is in GREAT condition! Lines are nice and straight too. Cosmetic rust only - mainly in the front & rear gutters. Stone chips on the "scoop" under the front bumper. No rust in the doors or panels below the doors where you'd expect to find it in a car of this vintage. Original seat fabric and floor carpet are in good condition. The alloy front window shade needs a repaint, Easy job as the shade is removable. The diff is due for replacement. Some of the interior plastic is broken and/or gone due to becoming brittle. Carpet in the rear wagon is damaged. Door vinyl is also in good nick. Though there are some stains on the door handles. The neutral switch on the gearbox occasionally sticks. Located in Hervey Bay, QLD, 4655, Pick up only. $1200 Neg
  2. Jke The Black 3Tgte Ta22

    Got the auto lekky out he has no idea what the problem was :S we havnt been able to blow it again,(but while he was out here got him to fix the jeeps headlights all happy now) anyways onto the other problems solved the mystery of the leaking oil onto the rocker cover there was a pinspot leak in the intake manifold, got it welded back up today so now i have to figure out why there is so much oil in the intake manifold? and started on the interiour roof lining not fun! sewed up a new pretty vynl one, pics when its all in. having some seriouse issues getting pics tonupload will have to look for a pic uploading thread.
  3. Jke The Black 3Tgte Ta22

    Thanks for the input guys! pulled that fuse and chucked a new one in and hey presto we are going again, only problems i have left is its running hot and mysterious oil ontop of the rocker cover thinks its leaking through the plugs maybe?
  4. Jke The Black 3Tgte Ta22

    Hi there all! long time reader first time poster, A few years ago I bought a TA22 with great intentions of putting a 4AGE in and restoring her to her former glory, long story short got bent over and absolutly ripped in the process, 4 years later the motor is half done and the body is wrecked.(so thats the sob story over :D) Yesterday I picked up this baby, (don't know how to make it a clicky?) Drove home just beautiful, I think the gear ratio's must be out somewhere as it was about 3000RPM crusing on 100kh, drove it from brisbane to hervey bay with a rest break every hour, just as i pulled into the drive way it died! just comepletly stopped all electricals cut out, no dash lights nothing, there wasn't any weird noise it just turned off, so pushed her down the driveway and had a look this morning. I checked the batt still fully charged then I found this! may be the problem
  5. hey there mate very very interested, location, what needs for rwc, and would you be willing to get rwc for a few extra $$$ I have been building mine for 5 years now (getting ripped off in the process pretty much back to square one now) and no where near ready this would be perfect. cheers harley
  6. Ke70

    the ta22 comes home this week finally! woot woot so another setup we can ponder with the wiring together on lol
  7. forget i ever mentioned anything haha $1600 was the cheapest reply i got back wont be happening sorry to clog up your post :D
  8. No probs there mate thanks for the info, If i can organise shipping would you still be keen? prolly gonna be a coupla weeks so don't hang onto it for me!
  9. any idea what the shipping costs to queensland would be? and why is it defected, mod plates any more info? cheers harley
  10. Ke70

    Hey there mofo saw u the other day driving past the beast is looking good, now hurry up and do it so you know how to put mine in :P its harley by the way.
  11. Ra65 Celica

    hey hey is the car still for sale? if so let me know please number is 0407124883 can pick up from brisbane cheers harley
  12. Littleredspirits Clearance

    Hey there you wouldnt happen to have a T50 AE86 Tailshaft yoke? or is a TA22 one the same? cheers harley